10 Latest Robots Made in 2016

A quick recap of the latest robots of 2016, simply the coolest robots made in 2016, the newest human robots and humanoids that will blow your mind! or just amazing intelligent devices you can call ‘robots’.

So far we have machines performing incredible tasks (for an inanimate object anyway) or amazing us with their human-like traits. If you wanted to see how advanced the technology has become or how fast and where it is going in 2016, then you have come to the right place! Continue reading

10 World’s Biggest and Most Impressive Flash Mobs

Want to watch the world’s biggest flash mobs? We’ve got the 10 largest and most impressive flash mobs ever! In videos and pictures, with details and comments.

Hey there! I guess you are here because you love dancing, having fun, and of course, doing unusual, crazy things ( like those super cool huge flash mobs you gonna see below!). Don’t hurry yet to scroll down, let me tell you first what a flash mob is, just to be sure that you really understand how fun this is! Continue reading

Awesome Electronics Guided By The Power Of Thoughts

Awesome Electronics Guided By The Power Of Thoughts

Dive into the amazing stories of these cool machinery guided with the power of the mind, through brain waves – take a look at these 3 electronic devices guided and controled by the brain.

Read about the awesome plane that is guided with thoughts alone.

Seven German scientists from the Technical University of Munich proved what it seemed impossible until a while ago. They managed to pilot a plane using the brain (thoughts) directly.

The project had a simulation program to test the theory initially. Some of the persons who participated to the simulation had never flied a plane before. This fact didn’t stop them from perfectly guide the plane using the thoughts.

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Bizzare Animals Which Glow In The Dark

Bizarre Glowing-in-the-Dark Animals and their stories – read about 5 animals that have been genetically engineered to glow in the dark.

First, let’s read about the incredible fish that glows in the dark.

1. Glowing fish

We’ve heard many times before about genetically engineered animals that would surpass the original species in various attributes. However, a group of scientists and biologists managed to do the unthinkable.

They created a species of fish that can glow in the dark.

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Awesome Smart Clothes That Become Invisible

The Dress That Reacts to Emotions and moods, and turns invisible – and other 3 clothes that can be invisible.

If blushing is no longer considered a sign of embarrassment or sexual excitement, the creation of a studio from Netherlands will surely do the job. Intimacy 2.0 is a dress specially designed to express in a visible way the excitation. The most important feature of this piece of clothing is its ability to turn transparent. Continue reading

Very Smart Cage-Breaker Cats

Awesome Cats That Are Unlocking Their Cages By Themselves – 4 cats that prove to be the masters of escape.

Have a look at this skillful (latest) cat that escapes the cage.

Chamallow is a cat that lives in a Veterinary Clinic from Marseille, France.

The fluffy tomcat got the well-deserved nickname “The king of escape.” He got the nickname after the numerous time he escaped the cage. Continue reading

The Awesome Mood-Altering Mirror

The Awesome Mirror that can Change the Expression of the Face – read about 3 gadgets that can change or read the mood

Let’s dig into the cool story of the mirror that can produce mood-swings:

Shigeo Yoshida, from Japan, is the inventor of an amazing device that make you feel happy, if you are sad and vice-versa. The cool gadget is a mirror. The user has to look into the mirror and soon enough they will see a happier reflection of themselves. Continue reading

Awesome Constructors: Robots That Build Autonomously

The Amazing Robot Crew That Build Without Human Intervention – check out the adorable tiny robots that build by themselves and another interesting case of self-replicating robots.

First, we will take a look at the constructor robot crew:

Finally, we can take a look at a great invention of the latest century – the constructor robots. A group of researchers from Wyss Institute from Harvard University managed to build small robots that mimic the behavior of a termites colony.

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Awesome Tight-rope Walking Above the Clouds

Crazy Experience of Walking Above the Clouds between two Hot Air Balloons – read about the breathe-taking experience of walking on a rope in clouds and other extreme sport. 

Let’s read about the amazing sport of walking on the rope above the clouds:

The idea of doing such a crazy sport belongs to the documentarian Sebastien Montaz-Rosset. He and a group of amazingly brave men attempted to do the first experience of this kind.  Continue reading