The Awesome Mood-Altering Mirror

The Awesome Mirror that can Change the Expression of the Face – read about 3 gadgets that can change or read the mood

Let’s dig into the cool story of the mirror that can produce mood-swings:

Shigeo Yoshida, from Japan, is the inventor of an amazing device that make you feel happy, if you are sad and vice-versa. The cool gadget is a mirror. The user has to look into the mirror and soon enough they will see a happier reflection of themselves.


The name of the mirror is The Incendiary reflection mirror. It can arouse emotions in the user by making the reflection in the mirror to show subtle facial expressions.

It was invented to change the mood of people who look in the mirror using psychological tools. Because the expression from the mirror changes in happy or sad, the person who looks in will suffer mood swings too.


The gadget consists of a display and a camera. The camera records the person and shows the video on the display.

The device is able to estimate the size of the face features and use the saved data. The information is used to alter the displayed image.


The alteration of the displayed video is not very noticeable, but capable of inducing a better or worse emotional state.

For a happier expression, the program adjust the corner of the lips and the cheeks while a sadder expression needs modification in raising the brows and lowering the corner of the mouth.


This device could be very useful in the changing rooms from the stores, to make the user show a happier look and improve sales.

But The Incendiary reflection mirror could also help people feel more positive and express happier feelings.

Below you can watch a video about the cool mirror:

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