Awesome Tight-rope Walking Above the Clouds

Crazy Experience of Walking Above the Clouds between two Hot Air Balloons – read about the breathe-taking experience of walking on a rope in clouds and other extreme sport. 

Let’s read about the amazing sport of walking on the rope above the clouds:

The idea of doing such a crazy sport belongs to the documentarian Sebastien Montaz-Rosset. He and a group of amazingly brave men attempted to do the first experience of this kind. 


The group of brave people has the name “Skyliners” and they made from this experience a regular sport. They’ve been doing this for a few years already, and the Sebastien Montaz- Rosset decided only recently to shot a movie about them. 

They strung a rope between two hot air balloons before launching into the sky. The Skyliners have small cameras on their heads to capture the entire experience exactly as they perceive it. 


All members seem to have parachutes in their backpacks. In this case, we assume they practice this crazy sport in safe conditions. They are trained to do sky diving and perform this sport for several years. However, none of them succeeded in crossing the rope from one end to another. 


Below you can view the video captured by Sebastian. We don’t recommend you to watch it if you are scared of heights. 

Read below about other extrem sport, but we advice you not to try this at home.
The slacklining is a sport that requires a lot of balance. Usually, it only needs a webbing of nylon or polyester tensioned between two anchor points such as two threes or two rocks. 
The difference between slacklining and tightrope walking is that the rope is not rigid, but very dynamic. 
The nylon webbing is bouncing and stretching and can be used as a trampoline.  Many use this flexibility to perform tricks and jumps on it. The nature of the rope gives to this sport many varieties: tricklining, water lining, highlining, tunneling, yoga slacklining and freestyle slacklining. These sports depend on the environment where the sport is performed or the tricks. 

The person who did the highest slackline ever is Christian Schou. In 2006, he successfully crossed the rope at a height of 3280 feet, the equivalent of 1000 meters. His amazing performance entered the Guinness Record Book. In 2012, Jerry Misewski succeeded in walking the longest slackline, about 494 feet (1200 meters). If you think of jumping from there, see these bungee jumping accidents

Below you can watch a video about slacklining:

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