Very Smart Cage-Breaker Cats

Awesome Cats That Are Unlocking Their Cages By Themselves – 4 cats that prove to be the masters of escape.

Have a look at this skillful (latest) cat that escapes the cage.

Chamallow is a cat that lives in a Veterinary Clinic from Marseille, France.

The fluffy tomcat got the well-deserved nickname “The king of escape.” He got the nickname after the numerous time he escaped the cage.


It is well known that cats don’t like to stay locked, but this weird cat found interesting methods of getting out of his cage.

The staff of the clinic were amazed to find Chamallow free every morning when they entered the room. They were sure that the door of the cage was securely locked.


However, after placing a video camera during the night, the team found out how a cat could escape the cage.

Chamallow is very skilled and can mimic the gestures the humans do to lock and unlock the cage. The cat is amazing, but the personnel had to put and extra bold.


Bellow you can see the video of the escape of Chamallow:

On the following you can witness other amazing cage-breaking cats:

1. Siamese cat escaping like a Pro

The next cat is very handy and can escape the cage in less than two minutes.

A performance worth of spy agents movies. The cat knows exactly where to pull and push. Check the whole performance in the next video:

2. One-move Escape

This cat is awesome! It’s not even trying. However, we can see it analyzing the situation and thinking everything very deeply.

The next second we can observe the cute feline opening the door in one pulling move, and the door unlocks.

Check below the amazing escape:

3. Citrus, the cage-breaker

The next cat can open the door of the cage like a human opens the doors, effortlessly. Citrus only elongates the paw and pulls the trigger up.

We love the way she twists upside-down to have a better view of the situation. Have a look at Citrus escape:

If these cats don’t seem amazing by their skills, check out the cats that amaze by their looks, the werewolf cats

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