bear attracted by brownies

5 Cases of Bears Breaking into Houses

Incredible photos and videos of huge bears breaking into people’s homes! Check out the 5 cases below with wild bears frightening people by entering their houses!

Animals can be very unpredictable and can react violently even though they spent a lifetime nearby humans. It’s easy to understand why bears, and other wild animals, end up in big cities searching for food or shelter: we are destroying their habitat. Continue reading

people falling from moving cars

People Falling from Moving Cars – 7 Live Videos

 7 terrible cases of people falling from moving cars! 7 terrifying live videos with people falling off moving cars!

Bad luck or faith? When something wrong is going on in our lives, we usually blame “faith” or God, or anybody else except… ourselves. Well, we might say that sometimes we’re cursed, or have a bad day, but falling from a moving car is a serious thing!

This article will come up with some terrifying cases of people falling off moving cars, which will probably shock most of you (unless you’re crazy enough to like such!). This kind of terrible incidents shows you how important is to put your seat belt on and drive carefully!

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people getting chased by bears

6 Cases of People Getting Chased by Bears

Incredible Videos and Photos of People Getting Chased by Bears! 6 Cases of Hikers, Joggers or Cyclists Getting Attacked and Chased by Huge Bears!

Can you imagine what it feels like to face one of the forests’ most dangerous predators? How would you react when you can’t run, you can’t play dead neither can you climb a tree because he’ll come after you? I think I’ll just scream and then faint, at least I’ll be sleeping when it eats me…

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sharks with fishermen encounters
Liu struck by lightning in China
silicone injection death plastic sugery 770x513
open mouth deep sea creature
highrise Hong Kong tallest builidings climbing 770x433
worlds biggest anaconda captured in brazil 770x433
swimming infrozen cedar lake

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