The Awesome Mood-Altering Mirror

Sensoree – The Mood-Sweater

Sensoree is an amazing gadget implanted into a sweater. What is so unique about it? Well, when the person who wears it feels down, the collar will illuminate a color. Sensoree is the product of the fashion company that offers more than fashion.


The comfortable sweater is one of the first wearable tech from the future. It can express the feelings of the user, without the necessary of the uncomfortable chat.

The person who had the idea of creating this amazing piece of cloth is Kristin Neidlinger. She has a background in kinetics, arts and medicine.


This interesting sweater is working based on the temperature of the body. It acts like a mood ring. Depending on the temperature of the body, the wearable gadget will display a color.

The sweater is also able to read the heartbeat and the pulse.


Below, you can watch a video about the cool wearable gadget, Sensoree:

IKEA Motivational-Mirror

The latest gadget that is very useful in altering the mood of the user is the motivational-mirror

You might be very familiar with the story of White Snow and the Seven Dwarfs. The malefic queen had a magic mirror that would tell her about the most beautiful person in the world.

The motivational mirror from IKEA works pretty much the same. The difference is that this mirror will tell good things only about the person who reflects in the it. And the best part is that it is accurate.  


Many statistics prove that people are susceptible to compliments and good words, and a gadget like this would brighten their day. 

There are also many negative opinions regarding this gadget, and there are people should build their self-esteem through other methods. 

Below you can watch a video about this cool motivational-mirror.

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