Awesome Electronics Guided By The Power Of Thoughts

Awesome Electronics Guided By The Power Of Thoughts

Dive into the amazing stories of these cool machinery guided with the power of the mind, through brain waves – take a look at these 3 electronic devices guided and controled by the brain.

Read about the awesome plane that is guided with thoughts alone.

Seven German scientists from the Technical University of Munich proved what it seemed impossible until a while ago. They managed to pilot a plane using the brain (thoughts) directly.

The project had a simulation program to test the theory initially. Some of the persons who participated to the simulation had never flied a plane before. This fact didn’t stop them from perfectly guide the plane using the thoughts.


In the simulation, the pilots managed to control the crafts perfectly under poor visibility.

During the “Brainflight” project, several participants had on their heads caps that contained dozens of electroencephalography (EEG) electrodes. The pilots were previously told to fly the plane and change directions using their thoughts.


The helmet can read the electric signals produced by the brain and convert them into commands.

This project is intended to help pilots control the planes better and offer more safety to the passengers. The only drawback of the system is the fact that it can’t reproduce the force used by pilots when the loads of the plane become large.

Below, you can watch the video about the plane guided using the power of thoughts:

Let’s read about other electronics and machinery that can be controlled using the power of the mind.

1. Toy Helicopter guided using the Brain

A group of researchers and students from the University of Minnesota managed to create a perfectly guided toy helicopter. We know you’ve seen this toys before, but this one doesn’t need a remote controller. This toy helicopter is controlled using brain waves.


The success of this project is the first step in creating limbs and prosthetic limbs that can help people with disabilities.

The remote pilot is also using a cap with electroencephalography electrodes that read the brain waves.


The pilot is watching on a monitor the images captured by the camera attached on the toy. This way, he can offer improved direction to the helicopter through the thoughts.


Take a look at the next footage to see the toy helicopter guided by brain waves in action:

2. Mind-controlled Wheelchair

Toyota created a perfectly functional wheelchair that can be guided through thoughts. The person who sits in this chair wears a helmet and thinks about the direction where he should go.


This helmet also includes electroencephalography electrodes like the ones from the previous stories. The computer can read the signals and turn left of right as the pilot desires.


What is very good about this project is the ability of the system to offer a very fast response (only a few hundred milliseconds). This project is designed to help people with disabilities have a better control over the wheelchairs. Another plan for this system is to integrate the idea in video games.

Take a look at the amazing wheelchair that can be guided using the power of the mind:

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