Writers Wanted


Cool writers wanted! Guest posting and long-term writing.

Ok, so if you’re here it means you’re interested in creating awesome content, with the coolest and weirdest titles!
Do you like to write? Umm, scratch that. do you LOVE to write?!
Do you like cool and weird things?
Are you OK with doing a bit (or more) of research for each example provided in your article?

Do you have a voice?

We kinda write in a cool-awesome-wow-funny way! (because we write about such things – and because, well, we’re cool!)
Do you want to earn money for the visitors your article will get? (yep, I do see you nodding…)

Well then, you’re in the right place!
It’s pretty simple, actually. We give you a subject (or you propose one, based on what you like, your passions), and you search about it, write about it, and insert photos and videos (where possible) with it, in the article. Usually, the articles are lists, so you will search for other similar cases and write about those, too.

We try to match the subjects we give you with your passions – so you can be happy while writing!

What’s in for you? How do we reward passionate writers?

  1. Payment

You get $10 for every article, PLUS $1 for every 1000 visitors the article will get! You can’t find a better deal. Why? Because we want your quality articles! We want to invest in the long run, which is the quality of the articles. We deal with awesome-incredible-cool-amazing things – so this is fun! This also means we cannot accept any kind of writer or topic (for example financial topics…)

After you write a few good articles, your starting pay can even increase.

Experienced writers with awesome results can get a different deal.

FOREVER. No time limit for the count. Every time your article reaches another 1k visitors, you get another $1 in your account. Valid for all your articles, unlimited time!
Trust me, that is the best deal you can get (for such a fun website, anyhow)! You really get most of the money your article will make, from ads.

In time you will be very well paid for every article you made. Your articles will get views from Google and other search engines, because we always work on optimizing and promoting the website (the website is ranking great. Don’t believe me? just try searching for something general, like ‘popular stuff’ and you’ll see CoolWeirdo on the front page, ranking above huge websites! also, pretty much every article is ranking very high, because of its awesome quality! we really create unique useful pieces),

but, more importantly, if you write kick-ass articles, they will be shared – and you can imagine when they get to be popular on websites – like Reddit, you can get even 100k – 500k views! (that is $100-$500 for you!) .
Now, hold your horses! not all the articles will get those numbers, (unless you are pretty amazing and you really know how to write the best kick-ass content!) but it will still get enough.

Yeah, it’s up to you, mostly. It also depends on the subject, how popular it is.
But even if you don’t make it huge all the time, your articles will still get enough views to be considered ‘well paid’, or better said, really, the best payment you’ll ever get, anywhere.
We are working hard to promote CoolWeirdo, and make it an authority website, so more and more views from search engines and fans your articles will get – more money you’ll get – without you doing anything (but writing a great article from the start!).
Patience is needed – this is a growing website and it takes some time to build loyal readers.

2. Fame

 Another reward for you is that you can promote yourself and your blog/page, IF it’s highly relevant to the topic and the case you are presenting – no exceptions. This can get you relevant exposure.

Links are nofollowed by default, but, in some cases, and editor might choose to remove the nofollow, if they find your page highly relevant and high-quality, as long as it would feel natural to do so. In no case can the removal of nofollow be asked or expected. Quality will naturally choose 🙂

It’s a great partnership, and we are interested in long-time partnerships. You will write better and better, and we will guide you all the time.

All your articles will be visible on your author page profile, where users can follow you, see your intro, and your social/website. Your name will appear at the end of all the articles, with a link to your profile. That means this is also a great way to promote yourself!

Are you ready?

Contact us, write a few words about yourself and why do you think you will be good at this.
We will reply, and voila: our partnership begins!


Marius Barbulescu

CoolWeirdo’s head administrator