Rosie With Children

Women giving birth to surrogate babies

Many women are afraid of “the biggest moment” because they think about risking their lives, some of them have medical problems, financial issues or they don’t want to sacrifice their bodies just to fit into society standards. But if you’re lucky enough, you can find an altruistic woman who always wanted to have children. She’s called a surrogate mother and will make your dream come true, by getting artificially inseminated with the father’s sperm. In this case, the child will have her physical features. Or you can choose IVF technique. You can read here about 5 couples who trusted other women to be their surrogate mother. Continue reading

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  • "@Edward: That is actually not a Halloween prop, so no facepalms are needed. Golden orb wavers do feed on snakes, and on birds, the picture is documented, it is not a hoax. There are many more pictures of golden orb weavers eating birds, we did our research, please do yours. "
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  • "We have added a part in the article where it says that the snake's length was contested, and that it was proven to be smaller. Thanks for the help! "
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  • "I have a hard time understanding what you refer to as being 'junk'... the entire article is based on real facts, easily verifiable. "
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  • "The picture was indeed wrong, and we thank you for pointing out that error, but your statement that no snake has ever been verified to be longer than 12m is completely wrong. We will not provide any links to our sources here, but if you will do an online search of a 49 foot snake in Indonesia, you will find a lot of documentation on a 49 foot (which is almost 15m) Reticulated Python which was captured and put on display in an Indonesian zoo, as we stated. "
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  • "As previously stated: the facts are based on research. Research means checking MORE than ONE source. When at least 3 reliable sources give the same lengths/data/information, I'm pretty sure anyone would agree that they're accurate. The wikipedia link was given as the most accessible source to anyone. "
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  • "The facts in this article are based on research, and even if you can easily find out for yourself the lengths of these spiders, we will help you by providing a link towards articles where you can read about the lengths of the - Huntsman Spider: We have replaced the Wolf Spider with the Camel Spider, a species a lot bigger than it. "
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