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Madeleine Smell Camera 9
Solid Rain 6

Solid Rain, The Miracle Solution for Droughts

Solid Rain Potential Solution for Crops on Droughts

The miracle solution for droughts is called Solid Rain, and is now available for your crops, your lawn, or whatever else you need to water when there is no rain for months in the weather report. The amazing product was invented in Mexico, and it was able to increase productivity in crops by 300% in very arid zones. Find out more information right here.

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Intact Dinosaur Tail Mexico 5
Titanus Giganteus 6

World’s Biggest Beetle – Titanus Giganteus

Biggest Beetle In the World – Titanus Giganteus

Titanus Giganteus is the world’s biggest beetle, and one of the biggest bugs in the world, having been known to grow up to seven inches long. Its jaws mighty jaws can snap a pencil in half. Also, these powerful jaws are used to tear the flesh off the attackers, but rest assure, the world’s biggest beetle is a peaceful little creature, that only attacks when in danger. Find out more interesting facts about it with us.

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Lernstift Smartpen 8

Lernstift – The Pen That Checks Spelling as You Write

Lernstift – The Pen That Checks Spelling And Vibrates when You Write a Wrong Word

Lernstift is the world’s coolest pen, which vibrates when you spell badly. This first smartpen is basically our very own spell-check in real life. Computers have saved many of us from spelling errors, so, try to imagine life with a pen that lets you know when your spelling is bad, by vibrating in your hand. How is this possible? Find out, right here.

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Turkish Aquarium Fence 5

Stunning Aquarium Fence in Turkey

Stunning 50m Aquarium Fence in Turkey

Mehmet Ali Gökçeoğlu decided to build the coolest aquarium for his pet fish in his luxurious villa in Turkey. He went overboard and built the famous aquarium out in the open, in the form of a 50 meter long fence, surrounding his home. How many fishes are in the stunning aquarium? How much did it cost? The answers to those questions and many more, right here.

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Fukushima Mutant Tomatos

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  • "@Edward: That is actually not a Halloween prop, so no facepalms are needed. Golden orb wavers do feed on snakes, and on birds, the picture is documented, it is not a hoax. There are many more pictures of golden orb weavers eating birds, we did our research, please do yours. "
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  • "The picture was indeed wrong, and we thank you for pointing out that error, but your statement that no snake has ever been verified to be longer than 12m is completely wrong. We will not provide any links to our sources here, but if you will do an online search of a 49 foot snake in Indonesia, you will find a lot of documentation on a 49 foot (which is almost 15m) Reticulated Python which was captured and put on display in an Indonesian zoo, as we stated. "
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  • "As previously stated: the facts are based on research. Research means checking MORE than ONE source. When at least 3 reliable sources give the same lengths/data/information, I'm pretty sure anyone would agree that they're accurate. The wikipedia link was given as the most accessible source to anyone. "
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  • "The facts in this article are based on research, and even if you can easily find out for yourself the lengths of these spiders, we will help you by providing a link towards articles where you can read about the lengths of the - Huntsman Spider: We have replaced the Wolf Spider with the Camel Spider, a species a lot bigger than it. "
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