4 Famous People’s Portraits Plowed on Huge Crop Fields

4 odd but amazing cases, with photos and videos, of famous people’s portraits made on huge crop fields (circles like) by plowing the ground. Bonus – an impressive gigantic ‘painting’ on a crop field.

The desire of getting noticed is normal. Sometimes for us and probably every single day for an irretrievable narcissist… But when you get all the attention, this is what happens. Together, let’s discover what the world needs us to see or, better said, those big field masterpieces created by an Italian land artist whose name is Dario Gambarin.


Famous People’s Gigantic Portraits made on Crop Fields

1. The portrait of Vladimir Putin on huge crop field

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Hahaha, this is not a scary image? After Crimea, apparently, Vladimir Putin has just decided to annex a common corn field from Verona, Italy in July 2017, days before the G20 summit took place in Hamburg.

But not for a long time, because Dario Gambarin needs to plant the next harvest. Usually, this is when he creates his masterpieces…
Putin’s portrait is so big,135-meter (443-foot) -wide that can only be properly viewed from above, due to its massive scale.


2. The portrait of Donald Trump on huge crop field

trump portraitjpg.jpg.size .custom.crop .866x650 600x450

As a kind-hearted human being, in 2016, our artist said about Donald Trump’s portrait (25,000 square meters), before the presidential election, that ‘anything can happen’ and, in the case of a defeat, he can console himself with this. Now, after a few months, the Republican president should be very proud…


3. The portrait of Hillary Clinton on huge crop field

160913 vod orig clinton field 16x9 992 600x338

And here we have the portrait of Hillary Clinton, Trump’s worst enemy, on 27 thousand square meters of field. Support comes from where you least expect it – this time, from a corn field. Dario Gambarin wanted to make a political statement that took about 8 hours to create.

He wasn’t afraid to show his political choices, his love for democracy, hoping that Hillary would become the first lady of the USA! Well, his hope is now gone, but the huge crop circle remains forever… in our hearts.


4. Portrait of Jesus Christ plowed on a field
Jesus in a field 600x314

You are used to knowing The Lord from many religious paintings, books, the church, prayers and maybe He should be around you everywhere you go…but what if you see Him, randomly, on a huge field? Would you be scared? Well, you don’t have to. Gambarin has used his tractor skills and 24,000 square meters field to produce a massive portrait with the face of Jesus Christ (2015).


5. Bonus: “Scream” ‘painting’ plowed with a tractor, on a huge crop field


Ladies and gents… our modern Van Gogh. As painting techniques have evolved, the canvas has turned into 50.000 square meters… The “painting” almost vibrates with a swirling and overwhelming feeling and emotion. Instead of Van Gogh, he said his “scream” is like an alarm to “save ourselves until we are in time”.

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