Weird Humanoid Alien In Atacama Desert

Chile’s Atacama Desert Alien Mystery Finally Solved

A bizarre human looking alien body was unearthed in Chile’s Atacama Desert. The alien’s body was mummified and it looked like a miniature human, only 15 centimeters long. The tiny alien body had hard teeth, only ten ribs and darkish skin. Curious to know what the odd creature was? The mystery was solved in 2013 and we have the results right here.

atacama-humanoid alien 1

Back in 2003 a weird human-looking alien was discovered in the Atacama Desert. Since then, it has been through various hands and has been subjected to numerous tests in order for us all to find out what this creature is.

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Initially, after several DNA tests, the results came back and ruled that the humanoid was of “unknown classification”. The six-inch-long alien had hard teeth, had an elongated skull and ten ribs (unlike humans who have twelve pairs of ribs)

atacama-humanoid alien 3

Oscar Munoz was the one who found the bizarre body on October 19, 2003, close to an abandoned church. A local newspaper wrote that the creature was wrapped in a white cloth container.

atacama-humanoid alien 4

Later on, the tests have revealed that Ata’s DNA was closer to humans rather than monkeys or any other animals, but in 2013 scientists could say for certain that Ata was indeed human, and that he had an interesting mutation which stopped his growth.

atacama-humanoid alien 5

Ata was a male human and he had lived up till the age or 6 or 8. Scientists now wonder how small could Ata have been at birth.

atacama-humanoid alien 6

Gary Nolan, director of stem cell biology at Stanford University’s School of Medicine in California declared that

“The observed abnormalities do not fall into any standard or rare classification of known human pediatric disorders. As the current list of human disorders is far from complete and many human disorders are polygenic, there might remain to be found a combination of mutations working in concert that lead to the observed defect(s).”

atacama-humanoid alien 7

Have a look below you see more photos of the Ata, the so called “humanoid alien” which was found in the Atacama Desert, Chile.

atacama-humanoid alien 8

atacama-humanoid alien 9

atacama-humanoid alien 10

atacama-humanoid alien 11

See real footage of the Atacama Desert in the videos below:

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    1. Habib Kasim says:

      This is my twin from galaxy space 🙂 Send it back to me, he just stole my pizza yesterday, I want it back right now!! Because I am so hungry.

      • crissa says:

        I have a hard time understanding what you refer to as being ‘junk’… the entire article is based on real facts, easily verifiable.

    2. JC says:

      do you have any speak spanish there? The first time that I saw this creature in the internet I wrote to my friends the humanoids is a fetal body about 12 weeks less than 15 weeks at this time I not have a ideas or a chart of different diameter of this diminute guy, I saw the skull and orbital bone structures I am trying to remember a lot of craneodisplasias associated with mutations of Fibroblast growth factor receptor 1 and 2,mutation of chr 8 and 10,but nothing similar to this guy, I am look in the fnal report,the DNA that show haplotype B2 and stanfort said that is characteristic of south America, but I believe that is not right becauses this patron belong to the tibet area, but HOW we can describe any Visitor????without Books or Bibliography references or any patron??? Nobody can describe with our patron this Humanoids, The chicken is not Duck, so maybe the genetical code is universal with the different purines and pyrimides bases but something is not clear in this creature, the fenotype based in the head pictures belong to women , but the hips is masculine,the colours of the bones are not the sames colours of human bones,I have a lots questions and anweers, but the reality can be dark, 290 days in the belly, 10 moons moths but if this guy was not 8 years of ages and was aborted by any vistors and the other world or planet the gestation is not similar to ours womens or the 290 days belong to 1160 days??? or more.someone Know something about that? Thanks JC

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