Rare Giant Underwater Creature: Unicorn of the Seas

Huge and Mysterious Underwater Creature Captured on Video 

Such an amazing and weird creature. A giant Pyrosome was caught on video. The weird creature is so rare that it is called the Unicorn of the seas. Out of all the marine animals, this is probably the strangest. Find out more about it, and see a rare video of it right here.

giant pyrosome 1

The bizarre creature that you see is not a inflatable tube man, but a huge, live creature of the seas. This one was spotted off the coast of off the Tasman Peninsula in Tasmania, in 2011.

giant pyrosome 2

Although in the pictures we see a long tubular creature called a pyrosome, this is actually dozens, maybe even hundreds of tiny animals. They reproduce by cloning, after which, they weave their tissues together to form a colony in order to feed. Each small animal that makes up this giant is just 1 inch (2 cm) long, but the resulting pyrosome, has been known to be even 2 meters long.

giant pyrosome 3

The resulting colony is called a pyrosome, and the strange sea creature is a tube which is closed at one of the ends, and open at the other. They suck water loaded with plankton through their open end and it passes through the body. The water rich in plankton comes through one side, and leaves through the other.

giant pyrosome 4

They move with the water currents, but they also propel themselves with the aid of the water they filter. Another cool feature about these little guys is the fact that they have bioluminescence. They flash a blue and green lights in order to be seen from afar. The few divers who have touched them, say that they are very soft and delicate. A wave of bioluminescent light is sent throughout the colony if someone or something touches it.

giant pyrosome 5

See a video of this weird giant of the underwater below. Also, in the second half of the video, you see a similar creature known as a salp. The species are related, but the later are not bioluminescent.

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