Biggest Snake In The World 55 Feet Long

55 Feet Long Huge Snake Found In Malaysia And Other Huge Snakes!

Let’s have a look at the world’s biggest snake caught in Malaysia and other extremely huge snakes from all over the world. Boas, anacondas and pythons… all extremely dangerous and more importantly, very, very BIG! Apart from this 55 feet long giant snake found in Malaysia, we’ll talk about some of the largest snakes in the world, so have a look.

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The most shocking picture of a huge snake has gotten everyone trembling with both fear and amazement. Fortunately, at the time this picture was taken, the giant beast was already dead… but, unfortunately, the people who took the picture testified that apart from this humongous snake, there was also another one, larger in size, which managed to get away.

How did they come across the world’s biggest snake?

Well, while tearing down the forest to make room for a new high-way, the construction workers accidentally injured the huge snake. When they got off the CAT to see what they had hit, they were petrified to see the largest snakes ever. They snakes managed to crawl away, but just a few feet upfront, the workers found the injured snake dead, and the other gone.

The beast was a 55 feet long boa (16.7 meters), it weighed 300 kilograms and its age was estimated to 140 years. The bulldozer operator who accidentally killed the snake woke the beasts up when he was trying to break a mound of earth. Unfortunately, reports say that the worker was so scared and shocked of the blood and the huge snake that he had a heart attack on the way to the hospital, and passed away later that day.

This discovery just goes to show us that nature always finds something new to surprise us with, and that different movies like “Anaconda”, may not be that far off from the truth. This monster makes the computer generated snakes in the movie seem like little babies…

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Titanoboa The Largest Snake EVER

Surprisingly or not… the largest snake to ever roam the earth is a species suggestively titled the Titanoboa. This huge critter wasn’t as long as the previous case, but it was much, much bigger. It was 48 feet long, and weighed an estimated one-and-a-half tons! No, there’s no error in that weight… Luckily for us, this species of monster snakes roamed the earth sixty million years ago, in the mysterious era after the extinction of the dinosaurs.

Scientists believe that this colossal species of snakes once ruled the world and thanks to some awesome archaeological unearthing at an open-pit coal mines at Cerrejon in La Guajira, Colombia, a full skeleton of such a large constrictor was found and scientists could once again bring it back to life at the Smithsonian.

Watch a few videos of the huge Titanboa snake below:

And below is a behind the scenes video of how the huge snake was brought back to life:

Borneo river Giant Snake

Now, did you think these two snakes are huge and scary? Well, what if we were to tell you that their size pales in comparison to a snapshot of a 100 feet long snake which was spotted in the Baleh river, Borneo. This areal photo shows a gigantic snake swimming in the river and since it surfaced, it caused a lot of panic and fear amongst the locals. Whether you believe the photo to be real or not is entirely up to you… but if it is indeed true, we might be in for a huge surprise any day now.

49 feet long Snake In Indonesia


Were you thinking of taking a trip to Indonesia any time soon? Well, maybe you should ponder on that idea some more… Locals captured a 49 foot giant snake which weighed 990 pounds. The humongous reptile is officially the longest snake ever kept in captivity (more specifically at the zoo in Curugsewu village on the Indonesia’s main island of Java)

Local government officials declared that the python measured 48 feet 8 inches and weighed in at 983 pounds. Unfortunately, the snake was subsequently proven to be less than 23 feet (7.0 m) long. So far, The Guinness Book of World Records confirms that the longest snake ever captured is just 32 feet long, while the heaviest snake kept in captivity is a Burmese Python from Gurnee, Ill, and it weighs 402 pounds.

Below you can see a video of the 49 foot Reticulated Python in Indonesia.

Update: A new giant snake was discovered in 2016, measuring 33-feet long (10 meters), in Brazil. It is the biggest snake, an anaconda, discovered in 2016.


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Thanks to user justmk for the help.

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    1. I wish people weren’t so gullible. In the last picture it is clearly an anaconda (south american snake), yet the text mentions Indonesia (which is south-east asia for you who didn’t go to school). Look at the people FFS! They’re not asian, but south american!

      Claims of huge snakes just get bolder and bolder, but noone has ever verified a snake as long as 12m. Don’t get me wrong, they might well exist, but it is not as easy as “if it is warmer, they grow bigger”. While it is true that they grow throughout their lives, naturally, growth depends on prey availability.

      • crissa says:

        The picture was indeed wrong, and we thank you for pointing out that error, but your statement that no snake has ever been verified to be longer than 12m is completely wrong.

        We will not provide any links to our sources here, but if you will do an online search of a 49 foot snake in Indonesia, you will find a lot of documentation on a 49 foot (which is almost 15m) Reticulated Python which was captured and put on display in an Indonesian zoo, as we stated.

    2. Daniel Norman says:

      There needs to be a correction here. The first photograph is not from Malaysia-The snake accidently killed. It is from Wau Bulolo, Morobe, Papua New Guinea.

    3. justmk says:

      The last pic is definitely a reticulated, but its not close being 49ft. Its big, 18 to 22ft. Weighs around 150lbs. If it were 49ft its head would be at least a foot wide and it would weigh 1500lbs or more. The problem with a snake that large is, what would they eat to sustain them? In the wild, there isn’t enough food. A mediem sized cow every month would probably do it, but that is extremely unlikely. Anyway, just to clarify, the last pic and subsequent video is a reticulated python, NOT an Anaconda. Thanx all. Your local herpatologist

      • crissa says:

        We have added a part in the article where it says that the snake’s length was contested, and that it was proven to be smaller. Thanks for the help!

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