Largest Hips In The World

Woman Sets Record For Largest Hips In The World

Meet Mikel Ruffinelli, the person with the largest hips in the world according to the World Record Academy. The woman weighs 420 pounds, she stands 4 feet and 5 inches tall, and last, but not least, her hips measure eight feet (100 inches) circumference! See how she deals with everyday chores and how she feels about her hips right here.

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Woman with Biggest Feet In Europe

Emma Cahill The Woman with The Biggest Feet In Europe

19 year old Emma Cahill is a woman who’s really living large because she is the presumed to be the lady with the largest feet in Europe, wearing a staggering size 14 shoes, for her large pair of legs and feet. Find out just how big her feet are and who is the person with the largest feet in the world right here.

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Zombie Fish – Headles, Gutless and Moving

A Zombie Fish With No Head And Intestines And Still Moving


Did anyone say zombie fish? A video of a moving headless and gutless fish has emerged from the dead… and it ain’t pretty. The sea may have been the source of all living things, but it would appear that it’s also the source of the living dead animals too. The decapitated fish seems to come to life on the ice, let’s find out the truth behind the mystery of the zombie fish right here.

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Boy With Vampire Teeth 2

Real Vampire Kid with Fangs

Vampire Kid With Real Fangs – It seems vampires do exist!

Boy with vampire teeth 2

A 16 year old boy from China shocks everyone with his real vampire fangs! The entire vampire-believer community was stunned when the boy’s mother finally took him to the doctors at this age because surprisingly… throughout his entire life the only teeth that he grew were two extremely sharp teeth on his upper jaw. Wanna know what the doctors had to say about these real vampire teeth? Let’s find out.

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Chinese Boy With Huge Feet

14-year-old Chinese Boy Has Surgery for Huge Feet (biggest feet in the world)

Xiao Meng a Chinese boy suffered from a condition which made his feet amazingly huge! Living with what may be some of the world’s most massive feet is a terrible ordeal and this poor 14-year-old boy has been living with it since birth. Xiao Meng suffers from a congenital disease named neurofibromatosis which caused the boy’s feet to swell several times the normal size of a teenager.
How does he live with this condition and is there any hope for him to ever wear a pair of shoes? Let’s find out together.

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6 Of The Weirdest Animal Friendships

Weirdest And Most Unusual Animal Friendships

Animal friendships are both weird and amazing at the same time. We all know that opposites attract, and when it comes to interspecies friendships, we must admit, it’s pretty awesome. Even more so when animals which normally interact as prey and predator, become best buds. Let’s check out six of the weirdest animal friendships right here.

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Alien Skulls discovered in Mexico?!

Deformed Skulls Found In Mexico – Alien Skulls?

Alien Skulls Mexico 1

Are these alien skulls? In December 2012, Archaeologists in Mexico discovered a burial site from which they recovered several deformed skulls which could possibly belong to alien lifeforms or, they can even be human skulls which have underwent a long and painful process of head-flattening. If you are curious to know more about these deformed skulls unearthed in Mexico, keep on reading.

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Kenshiro The Amazing Humanoid Robot

Humanoid Robots – Kenshiro Has Muscles and Ligaments and More amazing human-like robots

Meet Kenshiro… the first humanoid robot that has a creepily similar structure to that of the human skeleton. While other human-like robotic structures have graceless moves and fall down easily, Kenshiro has arms, legs and a spine that are able to move individually, thanks to the muscles and ligaments attached to the aluminum skeleton frame. Wanna know more about this robot? Let’s find out together.

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Biggest Snake In The World 55 Feet Long

55 Feet Long Huge Snake Found In Malaysia And Other Huge Snakes!

Let’s have a look at the world’s biggest snake caught in Malaysia and other extremely huge snakes from all over the world. Boas, anacondas and pythons… all extremely dangerous and more importantly, very, very BIG! Apart from this 55 feet long giant snake found in Malaysia, we’ll talk about some of the largest snakes in the world, so have a look.

for a list of the world’s biggest snakes by continent see this

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