Zombie Fish – Headles, Gutless and Moving

A Zombie Fish With No Head And Intestines And Still Moving


Did anyone say zombie fish? A video of a moving headless and gutless fish has emerged from the dead… and it ain’t pretty. The sea may have been the source of all living things, but it would appear that it’s also the source of the living dead animals too. The decapitated fish seems to come to life on the ice, let’s find out the truth behind the mystery of the zombie fish right here.

When we cook, we all like our ingredients to be as fresh as can be, but when the ingredients you buy are so fresh that the meat is moving in front of you despite being decapitated and gutless…Poor animals, how much cruelty they endure because of us, the humans..

A video recently posted on youtube shows a supposedly dead trout… We say supposedly because as you will see in the , the dead fish comes to life and moves on the ice! And even if it moved, it’s wouldn’t be that big of a deal, but when you got a trout which has had it’s head chopped off and its intestine s were cleaned out. We know what you must be thinking… Something smells fishy about this whole story, and you might be right!

zombie fish

The mysterious zombie fish is not a medical mystery, and no, we’re not talking about voodoo either. The explanation behind the moving dead fish is quite simple and easy.

But first check out the and see for yourself, the gutless, decapitated fish that is still “alive”.

How Does It Work?


Of course, the youtube users immediately solved the mystery. Some gave the right solution, others gave it their best try. Some said that there may be someone holding the fish from behind, while some other users gave the correct solution to the problem.

A widely used technique by chefs when testing the freshness of the meats they work with is to add salt to it and see if it shivers… Yep, you read that right, dead meat shivering. The salt (NaCl) refuels the sodium channels in the muscles in any sort of muscle, causing a contraction that allows the muscle to twitch like that. See how they act below:

So it would appear that the zombie fish phenomenon as well as the live food one, is not as rare as one would might think. As we previously mentioned, chefs use this method to either impress their customers, or to test how fresh the meat is.

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