Real Vampire Kid with Fangs

Vampire Kid With Real Fangs – It seems vampires do exist!

Boy with vampire teeth 2

A 16 year old boy from China shocks everyone with his real vampire fangs! The entire vampire-believer community was stunned when the boy’s mother finally took him to the doctors at this age because surprisingly… throughout his entire life the only teeth that he grew were two extremely sharp teeth on his upper jaw. Wanna know what the doctors had to say about these real vampire teeth? Let’s find out.

The boy’s mother Wang Hui took her son to the doctors after he spent his entire life up till the teen years with just these two extremely bizarre teeth. The fangs are a real downside for the 16-year-old Wang Pengfei who spent all of his life being labeled as a “freak” by the rest of his entourage.

vampire fangs

Due to his condition, and the meanness of children towards others who are a bit “different”, Wang grew up to be quite secluded from the rest, and his mother even said that her son started to attack and even bite the other children who whisper behind his back.

Boy with vampire teeth 3

The child seemed a bit different since birth. After having delivered her son, the mother noticed that her baby had very little hair on his body. She paid no attention and thought the issue at stake would disappear in time. A couple of months later, the woman was shocked again, but this time at the sight of her son’s growing teeth… Or shall we say fangs.

Boy with vampire teeth 2

How is the Vampire Boy Fang Problem Solved?


Doctors say that due to the boy’s age, he is only eligible for an operation to have his bizarre and shocking canines after he turns 18 and is considered an adult. The downside of the whole matter is the fact that the operation costs approximately 7000 pounds which are the equivalent of 70,000 to 80,000 Yuan.

Boy with vampire teeth 1

Other Cases Of Vampire Boys?

Simon and george cullen 3

Meet Simon and George Cullen, no, the Cullen brothers from the famous Twilight Saga, but two little brothers from the United Kingdom who are called the Vampire Brothers. The two didn’t just get their nickname from the name coincidence… Simon and George have a lot of traits that will make quite a few people wonder if they are vampires or not.

Simon and george cullen 2

These two little boys blister up when they come out into the sun, they have a pale complexion, and the oldest boy, Simon only has two canines (not as sharp as the little Chinese boy’s fangs, but then again, neither did Edward Cullen)

Simon and George suffer from the so called Vampire syndrome, medically known as Hypohidrotic Ectodermal Dysplasia. Apart from the blistering in the Sun, the two also can’t eat solid food because their teeth are too soft and might break. This extremely rare genetic disorder also causes the boys’ skin to swell and blister up at normal contact with any type of powerful light, it prevents them from ever growing a full set of teeth and last but not least, people with this condition cannot sweat. HED is so extremely rare that only 7,000 people in the world suffer from it.

Simon and george cullen 1

Due to the fact that they can not sweat, the boys are not allowed to play sports, so they spend their whole day inside, playing video games… (not very vampirish, but cool nonetheless)

See the two little vampire boys in the :

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