Alien Skulls discovered in Mexico?!

Deformed Skulls Found In Mexico – Alien Skulls?

Alien Skulls Mexico 1

Are these alien skulls? In December 2012, Archaeologists in Mexico discovered a burial site from which they recovered several deformed skulls which could possibly belong to alien lifeforms or, they can even be human skulls which have underwent a long and painful process of head-flattening. If you are curious to know more about these deformed skulls unearthed in Mexico, keep on reading.

This remarkable discovery was made at an archaeological site near the village of Onavas, south of Sonora. The site is presumed to be an old burial site and the team who made the thrilling discovery stated that the twenty five skulls unearthed are thousands of years old. In fact, it is also presumed that this ancient burial place could be the first pre-Hispanic cemetery in the state.

mexico elongated skul dig

Could these Skulls Belong To Aliens?

Thirteen of the 25 skulls were highly strange. Well, as expected, immediately after the discovery was made, people started speculating that these distorted and bizarre skulls may have belonged to ancient aliens who were responsible for the passing on their teachings to the Maya people. Also, five of the thirteen “alien” skulls had distorted teeth.

Alien Skulls Mexico 2

Cristina Garcia Moreno, who is the leader of the archaeological team declared that:

Cranial deformation in Mesoamerican cultures was used to differentiate one social group from another and for ritual purposes. This unique find shows a mix of traditions from different groups of northern Mexico

But, officials from the Institute of National Anthropology and History declared that this is the first indication of cranial deformation practices in that area… so if we were to interpret that, it could mean that if this is the first time cranial mutilation is found in the area, maybe, we’re not dealing with intentional skull deformation, but actually, with the discovery of alien remains.


Remember this guy? The very frightening alien from Ridley Scott’s science fiction movie? Well, he does seem to bare a striking resemblance to the skulls that were discovered in Mexico…

What makes these skulls different from the imaginary alien in the movie are the teeth. As previously stated, five skulls had distorted teeth. The scientists believe that this was part of some sort of aging ritual: to symbolize the fact that they person was no longer a child, but a young adult. This statement is supported by the fact that all of the 5 skulls with distorted teeth belonged to boys over the age of 12.

Alien Skulls Mexico 4

The important discovery also raises a lot of questions: from a closer analysis of the remains (human, or not) it would appear that there is no social difference among them, yet, the scientists can not explain why some of them were wearing jewelry while others weren’t. Another weird fact about this burial site is the fact that out of the 25 bodies, only one belonged to a woman.

Alien Skulls Mexico 3

See more images of the “alien skulls” in the :

Read more about the “alien” skulls unearthed in Mexico, on page 2.

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