Alien Skulls discovered in Mexico?!

Are These Alien Skulls Or Not?

to be or not to be

Most of the remains found at the burial site belonged to infants and pre-pubescents which could indicate that they died due to the extreme risks of a head-flattening ritual.

The flattening of heads was very often used as a form of cultural and social differentiation. In the old days, it was believed that a person with an elongated head was more intelligent, and closer to the spirit world.

Other elongated heads unearthed in different zones

Other elongated heads unearthed in different zones

This form of permanent mutilation was often started at infants, one month after birth because of the fact that the bones of the skull are easier to modify. Depending on the desired shape, the parents would either wrap a cloth around the baby’s head, to give it an elongated form, or flattened them by applying pressure with wooden planks.


The earliest known culture to bind their children’s heads were the ancient Egyptians of the third millennium BC. The Egyptian King Tutankhamen had an elongated head.

So do these skulls discovered in Mexico belong to ancient life forms? Or are they just skulls of humans who underwent the horrible head flattening procedure? It’s up to you to decide.

flattening the heads of children

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