6 Of The Weirdest Animal Friendships

Weirdest And Most Unusual Animal Friendships

Animal friendships are both weird and amazing at the same time. We all know that opposites attract, and when it comes to interspecies friendships, we must admit, it’s pretty awesome. Even more so when animals which normally interact as prey and predator, become best buds. Let’s check out six of the weirdest animal friendships right here.

1. Fum And Gebra – The Owl and the Pussycat

Normally, you would think that a cat and an owl would have a pretty clear relationship: they either do not interact, or once in while, the cat tries to catch the owl and have it for dinner. Weeeeell… think again, cause here’s Fum the cat and his unusual best friend, Gebra, the barn owl, proving us wrong.

Gebra’s owner is astonished of the relationship between the two. Everytime Gebra flies in or takes off, Fum is right there waiting and greeting the owl with a jump worthy of Cirque Du Soleil. And it’s clearly obvious that the boss in this relationship is the owl… whenever Fum gets overly excited, Gebra gives him a peck on the head just to remind him to keep calm.

As you can see from the pictures, the two even kiss and hug eachother… Isn’t that just sweet? Have a look Fum and Gebra in the pictures below.

And even though a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is even better, so check out the weird friendship between a cat and an owl in the videos below:

See more of Fum and Gebra at their official website right here.

2. Themba And Albert – The Elephant and The Sheep

In February 2008 when Themba the elephant was just six months old, her mother fell off a cliff and inevitably died. The vets from the South Africa Sanbona Wildlife Reserve had high hopes that the little elephant cub would be adopted and fed by another mother in the pack, but unfortunately, after a week of motorization, the cub refused to eat… This determined the vets to take the cub in, and nurture for him so that he did not starve to death…

Even in captivity the elephant refused to eat, and things looked pretty gloomy for the baby elephant. All that changed one day, when at the water hole, Themba met Albert the sheep. Themba started chasing Albert throughout the premises until the frightened sheep sleeked safety in a shelter he found.

The sheep stayed there for 12 hours and when he finally came out, Themba embraced him with his trunk. From that moment on, the two became inseparable and they basically do the same things: from eating habits to sleeping. Sadly, their bond will one day have to be broken due to the fact that the main objective is to get Themba back into the wild.

In 2010 the odd pair was already famous world wide due to their weird friendship, but as the original plan was to reintroduce Themba into the wild, the team from the reservation began to slowly separate the two, initially through a fence, so that the elephant could still interact with his friend Albert, but also, with other animals.

Unfortunately, on February 5th 2010 Themba went into a coma and died due to a massive torsion of the large intestine which could not be surgically solved on account of an elephant’s enormous size.

See Themba and Abert interact in the videos below:

3. Polar Bear And Dog

A wolf and a polar bear are both natural predators, but it would seem that the huskies and polar bears in these pictures are getting along quite well… Have a look at the pictures and find out the story of the unusual friendship between these dogs and polar bears in the :

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