Chinese Boy With Huge Feet

14-year-old Chinese Boy Has Surgery for Huge Feet (biggest feet in the world)

Xiao Meng a Chinese boy suffered from a condition which made his feet amazingly huge! Living with what may be some of the world’s most massive feet is a terrible ordeal and this poor 14-year-old boy has been living with it since birth. Xiao Meng suffers from a congenital disease named neurofibromatosis which caused the boy’s feet to swell several times the normal size of a teenager.
How does he live with this condition and is there any hope for him to ever wear a pair of shoes? Let’s find out together.

The terrible state that Xiao Meng is in determined the teenager’s school colleagues to call him “Hobbit boy”… but the cruelty of schoolmates is the last thing Meng has to worry about, the boy’s giant feet do not allow him to wear any type of shoes, hence he has to make his daily outings barefoot, without any regard of the weather. During the winter, the little boy wore a thin layer of denim cloth which covered his amazingly huge feet.

How big are the boy’s feet?

The rare congenital disease from which Meng suffers from is called neurofibromatosis and it made his feet swell abnormally. The condition was clearly visible soon after birth, but his family was too poor to get their child the medical treatment he so desperately needed. The boy’s feet grew bigger and bigger as the yeas flew by, and in 2012, Meng’s right foot was so large that it is bent back on itself.

Is there any hope?

Ever since October 2011, the boy’s teachers, who were impressed with the condition he was in, decided to raise money so that Meng could finally get the treatment he needed. As a response to the teacher’s plead, Shanghai Children’s Hospital has offered to offer the boy’s treatment free of charge.

The treatment process is going to take half of year. In a first stage, the boy will undergo surgery, as the doctors will try to remove the excess tissue from his legs. It is expected that Xiao Meng will have to learn how to use his “new” feet and that process will take at least six months, and the school has raised the money to cover living accommodations in Shanghai while China Southern Airlines will provide free plane tickets for the boy and his family.

See more pictures of the boy’s terrible condition that made his feet become huge right below:

And below you can see some videos of Xiao Meng and his amazing huge feet:

But what is neurofibromatosis?

Neurofibromatosis is a genetically-inherited illness that causes certain parts of he body, generally along the path of a nerve, to swell into tumors. Usually, it causes several tumors of different sizes, like the amazing case of the bubble man.

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