Kenshiro The Amazing Humanoid Robot

Humanoid Robots – Kenshiro Has Muscles and Ligaments and More amazing human-like robots

Meet Kenshiro… the first humanoid robot that has a creepily similar structure to that of the human skeleton. While other human-like robotic structures have graceless moves and fall down easily, Kenshiro has arms, legs and a spine that are able to move individually, thanks to the muscles and ligaments attached to the aluminum skeleton frame. Wanna know more about this robot? Let’s find out together.

Throughout 2012, scientists have developed robots at an amazing rate, and what’s even more surprising is the fact that these robots are able to do more of the things which are specifically human.

So far, 2012 brought us robots which have been taught to deceive, run faster than the fastest man alive, and they’ve even learned the basics of human speech… so, which is the latest amazing robot everyone is wowed by?

Introducing Kenshiro! The latest robot who is even more humanoid than all the rest of the humanoid robots. What makes this robot so special is the fact that it has a musculo-skeletal structure extremely similar to a human one. It took the scientists 11 years to perfect all of the details, but the new and improved Kenshiro can now jiggle his knees and bend in a way that makes you think: “Wow! That’s the realest human move I’ve seen on a robot yet!”

Kenshiro is built after the typical 12 year-old Japanese boy. More specifically, this amazing humanoid robot is 158cm tall and weighs 50kg. It’s musculo-skeletal system consists of 160 artificial muscles which allow incredibly complex and almost natural human movements. But even hough this robot has movements that seem very human-like, it is still far from the perfect movements of the human body (which by the way has roughly 640 muscles)

Kenshiro the humanoid robot has 76 muscles in the torso, 22 in the neck, 25 in each leg, and 12 in each shoulder. So far, the face muscles are too complex to be introduced into the system.

Curious to know how he moves? CHeck the pictures below, then be amazed of the video of Kenshiro moving. See the latest humanoid robots made in 2016.

More amazing human-like robots

1. Human Robotic Mouth

Now, the robot below may not be Siri, but it’s equally smart. Unfortunately, it’s also very creepy! Scientists from the University of Hertfordshire have successfully taught a robot the building blocks of huma speach just by talking to it. Have a look at the result below:

2. Realistic mind-controlled robotic arm:

Jan Scheuermann suffers from Quadriplegia and sadly, she is paralyzed from the neck down. You may think that there is no hope for this woman to be able to feed herself. Well, think again! Cause you will see her eating a big chunk of chocolate from her brand new mind-controlled robotic arm.

It took Jan two hole days to be able to master the movements, but, alas, she did it. Scientists are now thinking to make this technology wireless, so that there are no more cables tying the user’s head and the prosthetic arm.

Now, the complete mastership of the arm took 2 weeks of training. See the results in the :

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