Woman with Biggest Feet In Europe

Emma Cahill The Woman with The Biggest Feet In Europe

19 year old Emma Cahill is a woman who’s really living large because she is the presumed to be the lady with the largest feet in Europe, wearing a staggering size 14 shoes, for her large pair of legs and feet. Find out just how big her feet are and who is the person with the largest feet in the world right here.

Meet Emma Cahill, a 19 year old girl from Worcester, England… At a first glance, you might say to yourself that she is pretty normal, but once you have a look at her in comparison with someone else, you’ll realize that she could be a descendant of the giants! Emma is practically still in her teens, but she is already 6 feet 5 inches tall, and women stop growing around the age of 24, so we can expect her to grow even taller and confirm our suspicions that she’s a giant in disguise.

Unfortunately, being this tall comes with it’s downsides (believe it or not, it’s actually true) and the biggest downside to being tall and having the biggest feet in Europe is the fact that you can not find shoes your size! Emma’s feet measure 13 inches from toe to the heel… heck, her feet are even bigger than England footballer Peter Crouc’s size 12 feet. (maybe her feet is big enough to escape a massive road hole? could prove useful!)

One of the most pressing problems the woman with the biggest feet in Europe faces, is the fact that she is a teenage girl, and every girl loves to wear high heels! Again, comes the never-ending-problem of finding pretty and girly shoes, but her condition makes it impossible for her to find shoes that fit. She only has one pair of heels, which were bought from a transvestite shop… but her dream is to, one day own a pair of classy Louboutins.

So, her height causes her to live large, but she also gives her huge headaches, like literally! Emma has trouble fitting into cars, doors, and she also has trouble finding clothes in which she will actually look pretty in… Also… her height makes it pretty difficult fore her to find dates:

“Although I love being tall, I’ve only been approached once in a club – and that was by a man who was taller than me. Besides our mutual height, we didn’t have much in common. I’d rather date a man who is taller than me, but I realise that I may be raising the bar too high.”

But how did this ordeal start? Well, from the age of nine Emma wore an impressive size nine (just like her mum Jane, aged 49) – and up until she turned 14 she grew a shoe size every year. Luckily, she is well proportioned, hence her feet do not look so big.

The girl’s only hope as far as shoes are concerned, is a little shop in Germany, where she found a shoemaker who’s up for the task of fitting her size 14 feet with lovely shoes.

See more pictures of the woman with the biggest feet in Europe below:

And below you can see a video of Emma Cahill:

Now if you’re thinking that Emma has a hard time finding shoes, and she only has the biggest feet in Europe, then you must be wondering who is the woman with the biggest feet in the world?

Woman with Biggest Feet In The world

This is Shen Xiaojing and she owns the biggest feet in the world. She is 21 years old and lives in Nong’an County, China. Ever since she was born, her feet were unusually huge. Her right foot is 32 centimeters long and 12 centimeters wide while her left foot is 30 centimeters long and 11 centimeters wide. The big toe of her right foot is 7.5 centimeters long and 4.5 centimeters; her second toe is 9 centimeters long and 3.5 centimeters wide… Luckily, Shen doesn’t have the same problems with shoes, cause all her shoes are made by her mom. Maybe she’s the reason for some of these huge unidentified footprints!

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