The Weirdest New Breed – The Werewolf Cat

The Laykoi Cat is the new Bizarre Werewolf Cat Breed – read about the latest fashion in pet breeds and other natural mutations that lead to “fantasy” looking cats.

Let’s see what is so special about this new cat breed:

The Laykoi breed is said to be a natural mutation from a domestic cat that has short hair. This new breed has a very similar appearance with a werewolf. The owners of the first pair of Lykoi cats claim that they did not do any preparations in order to obtain them. The genetics laboratory received more cases of cats with this look, but they were all from the well-know Sphynx breed. 

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The breed that Johnny and Brittney Gobble from Tennessee brought to the laboratory was confirmed to be a new breed of cats. Further tests confirmed the authenticity of the new cat breed. The recombination of the DNA came naturally.


The similarity between Lykoi cat and a werewolf is that the cat does not have hair on the face and the lower part of the body, especially on the legs. The eyes are yellow.  The fur has a grayish-black color.

The behavior of the new breed is normal for a cat, and the only difference is that sometimes they have habits that are common to dogs.

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The name of the breed comes from Greek and means “wolf”, which is a very proper name. In 2012, the weird Lyoki breed passed the test and became a recognized breed by The International Cat Association (TICA).

Below you can view a video about the Lyoki cat:

Read below about other two cat breeds that look like supernatural creatures:

1. The Elf Cat

This breed is the result of the recombination of the DNA of a Sphynx cat and an Americal Curl. The “parents” of this new breed are Kristen Leedom and Karen Nelson.

This recombination is also a natural hybrid.

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