Five of the Strangest Creature Footprints Ever Discovered

Here are five of the strangest creature footprints ever discovered, belonging to the scariest and most unusual unidentified animals to supposedly have ever roamed this planet. These strange beings are repelling, spark our dark creativity and produce intense sensations. They represent the topic of several films, documentaries, novels and even traditional music and have become a part of our existence.

Do these animals really exist or are they merely frauds and the figment of a hyperactive imagination? Regardless of what you think, it is a smart thing to affirm that the strange creatures mentioned here are almost inexplicable by nature’s laws, and if they experienced an encounter with them, even the more cold-blooded people would shake in their presence. So let us start our top of amazing creatures and begin a short trip into the land of the unknown.

1. Bigfoot – Washington USA, June 1982


Bigfoot or Sasquatch represents one of most famous mythical humanoid creatures and is currently experiencing a new increase in its weird reputation after a large number of people affirmed that they have seen it in different . The word “Bigfoot” was created more than half a century ago, following a largely promoted finding of massive footprints around constructions development sites in the northern parts of California. (see Some proof that giants populated Earth)

Is this ‘Big Foot’ in real life? This is how we imagine it:


big-foot-footprint-matriceOne of the strongest pieces of evidence in favor of the existence of Big Foot is represented by three big human-like footprints well preserved which have been discovered by the American Forest Service employees in the summer of 1982, in the southeastern regions of Washington. Their fine-grained ground maintained the quality of many prints on the surface of the feet’s skin and the pores covering it.

Research performed by dermatoglyphic professionals revealed that the texture of the skin is very similar to that found just in more evolved primates. The feet size of 15 by 7 inches excludes the presence of any known ape and the non-opposed first finger proves that it is a hominid creature. Physical conditions indicate a bodyweight of 660 to 1000 lbs and it is thought that all potential methods of fabricating this proof have been analyzed and excluded. Even the biggest woman feet is too small for that…

2. The Devil’s Footprints – Topsham (Great Britain), February 1855


Although certification is rather questionable, some people still presume that an extremely unusual thing took place in Topsham Britain on Feb 2nd 1855. Its inhabitants were stunned when they woke up to find mysterious footprints around their houses, landscapes, roads, and even on the rooftops of their buildings.


Despite other reviews of unidentified footprints being said to exist, that occurrence was the most mystical among them. The newspapers of that time printed numerous articles covering this story in the following days. This unusual occurrence took place not only in Topsham, but also in other towns located in the same region.

The footprints had a U-shape and some show that the tracks had splits in the center similar to that of cloven hooves. The tracks were in line one with another, further showing that these footprints were created by a two-legged creature. Each of these tracks was incredibly clear, like it had been printed in the thick layer of snow.

One can imagine it like this, perhaps? Looks devilish enough to me…


3. Yeti – Mt. Gangkhar Puensum (Bhutan), October 2014


Yeti is a huge hominid creature and similar to an ape that is said to roam in the hills and mountains of Tibet and Nepal. To the inhabitants of those regions, the Yeti represents a mythical being, but, to cryptozoologists it is among the most appealing of all secrets and certainly the most intriguing.


For many years, it has stayed hidden in these high mountains, but now it appears that this secret could lastly be uncovered after some climbers stated to be following its path. They think that the weird footprints seen in the picture, shot in the distant Himalayan part of Bhutan, have been made by this famous monster.

They are larger than people’s footprints and it is safe to say that they were discovered in  a region of the mountain not touched by humans until then. Seen as a straight line, with one foot after the other, the enthusiasts say that these tracks could not have been left by a mountain feline or another four-legged species. While bears can move on two feet, their large size and weight would make very difficult for them to place their legs so accurately.

How we imagine Yeti:


4. Chupacabra – Buffalo Bayou, Texas (USA), February 2014


For a long time, citizens in different parts of the United States have been looking for the legendary dog-like beast that sucks all the blood from other animals. In those areas, people have been telling stories about the infamous Chupacabra in the last three decades, yet a person in Texas said that he not just has seen this challenging monster, but he also had evidence at hand.

The strange animal with dog-like appearance and marked fur was seen three times in the Buffalo Bayou region. The picture reveals the footprints of the alleged Chupacabra, found in the soft ground. After looking the images, several trappers from Buffalo Bayou have placed crates in their backyards to try to capture it.

They even say they were able to spot Chupacabra in a video

Some pretend that they found a dead Chupacabra, so let’s have a look at its real (?) appearance. Scary, huh?


5. Large four-toed footprints – Curtis, Nebraska (USA),  January 2015


Recently, when people around Curtis reached the sideways of the road that leads to the forest nearby, they discovered the footprints that a strange creature seemed to have left in the fresh snow. These tracks were quite big, so those who have seen them have taken out their cameras and took a picture, all four-toed footprints were 50 percent longer as they were wide.

The people approximated the gaps between the steps at almost six feet, which represents the length of most Olympic-sprint paces. The tracks have been shown to a scientist, who said that the footprints might have been left a large rabbit, but the people around there did not see one in that region.

The biologist compared the tracks to those made by bears or emus rose at farms nearby, but it seemed that images of their footprints did not quite resemble either. As it was the situation with many other mysteries, we can only hope that the future will tell us if these marks left by unknown odd creatures are truly some unidentified weird species or simple hoaxes.

But in truth, we love mysteries! That’s why we are here 🙂

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