The Amazing Unborn Baby 3D-Printed Model

You will be Stunned how Realistic these 3D Models of Fetus are. Read about the printer of full-size unborn child and other example of 3D Printer for body part.

First, let’s take a look at the fascinating unborn baby 3D printer:

It is very exciting to be an expecting parent, but what if you find out that you can hold your baby in your arms before they are even born? The 3-D Babies company offers you this amazing (or creepy) opportunity of having the real size model of your baby before you even give it birth. 

fetus figurine

How is this possible?

The company 3-D Babies from California, owned by Katie and Gerard Bessette, promises to produce a bizarre life-size 3D Model of  your unborn baby. You might thing how is this even possible, but the technology they use is quite cool.

 They use 3D and 4D Ultrasounds pictures of the fetus, and with the help of the latest computer graphics and 3D printing technology they create a 3D Model that will present the exact facial expression and position of the baby. 

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This company offers some settings you can choose before you order the 3-D Model. There is the possibility of picking the size of the figurine. There are 3 sizes available: 2-inch Mini, 4-inch Half Size and 8-inch Full Size Model. The parents can also pick the shade that their baby model: light, medium or dark. 

Another interesting fact is that parents can opt for an obscured revelation of the gender of the baby, or have it obscured. The position of the  baby doll can also be specified. 

3024940 inline i 3d baby photo v6

Below you can watch the video campaign of the company 3-D Babies:

Check out another company that creates a 3D Model for unborn babies:

Fasotec, located in Tokyo, Japan, is another company that provides the opportunity of ordering a 3D Model based on the ultrasound of your unborn baby. Fasotec in a medical engineering firm that uses 3D Printing to generate 3D Models with educational purposes. 

fasotec 2

The technology that Fasotec uses is BioTexture. Because using MRI to scan, in order to get the measurements of the babies, can produce harm to the pregnant woman and her unborn child, Fasotec found another solution. BioTexture uses ultrasounds to generate the model.

Soon the company will be offering parents a model of their unborn childs face

For scanning and producing process, Fasotec charges about $500. It is up to the parents if they want to have the 3D model as memory of the pre-natal period.

This company also created 3D Models of other body organs like heart, lungs or kidneys. This program is also for educational purpose, but also for detecting various problems.

fasotec liver

Below you can view a video about Fasotec and the Biotexture technology:

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