Best Pumpkin Carving Ideas – Trends and Events 2014

The Best Pumpkin Carving Tips and Ideas (2014 Halloween season)Coolest Jack-o’-lanterns. Read about pumpkin carvings that are following the trends and events of the year 2014.

The following tips will help you decorate your home for Halloween with the best-carved pumpkins, based on the events and trends of the year 2014. We made up a huge pretty cool list! Check them out.

1. Frozen Pumpkin Carvings

One of the most famous trends from this year is the movie, Frozen. Many people are fans of the beautiful story of Anna, who tried to find her sister, Elsa, the girl who can manipulate ice and snow, and bring her back home. 

The following ideas will help you bring into your home for Halloween, the beloved characters from the movie.

In 2014, the movie won the title for the Best Animated Feature Film of the Year, 86th Academy Awards 2014.


Olaf Pumpkin Carving



Elsa and Anna Pumpkin Carving


2. Guardians Of The Galaxy Pumpkin Carvings

Another beloved movie this year, has been Guardians Of The Galaxy, an amazing fantasy sci-fi movie full of magic and comedy. There are many characters who could be used as an example to carve amazing Halloween pumpkins. 

Gru Pumpkin Carving


Guardians Team Pumpkin Carving


Rocket & Gru Pumpkin Carving


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