Best Pumpkin Carving Ideas – Trends and Events 2014

9. The Grumpy Cat Pumpkin Carving

The most famous cat in the world is Tardar Sauce, and she is better known for her scene name, Grumpy Cat. She was introduced to the internet world in 2012, when one of her pics was made into an image macro (meme). 

This year, her Facebook page received 6 million likes, and she has previously appeared on the covers of The Wall Street Journal and New York magazine. 

Grumpy Cat will also play in a movie that is scheduled for release this Christmas. 



10. Pluto Pumpkin Carvings

As you might have already found out, the astronomical object Pluto that resides at the end of our Solar System is once again called a planet. The funniest fact about this story is that Pluto didn’t even finish a complete rotation around the Sun since the tiny humans decided it is not a planet and changed their mind. 


Solar System Pumpkin Carvings


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