The Sleeping Beauty Really Exists

Weird Disease Turns Woman Into The Sleeping Beauty

The sleeping Beauty really exists, or shall we say, a bizarre and extremely rare disease exists which made Imaarl Duprey, a 23 year-old woman sleep for 59 days in a row. Find out more about this strange illness, and how rare it really is, right here.

Imaarl Duprey suffers from a very rare disease called the Kleine Levin Syndrome (KLS) which made the young girl sleep almost non-stop for 59 days in a row, and it also made her have a bizarre behavior whenever her family would wake her up to feed her and guide her to the bathroom. Whenever 23-year-old Imaarl would be woken up so that she could be kept alive, the fully grown girl would act as a child who is unaware of his or her surroundings.

Imaarl Duprey sleeping disease 1

Imaarl Duprey was diagnosed with the rare and bizarre Kleine Levin Syndrome, which is more widely known as the “Sleeping Beauty Syndrome”. The disease is so rare that it only affects a number of 1,000 people in the world.

What is the Kleine-Levin Syndrome?


The Sleeping Beauty Syndrome is a neurological disorder which affects just 1,000 people on the globe. The disorder causes the sufferers to fall into recurring sleep-like trances during which their behavior is completely changed. They become irritable, disorientated, they lose their ability to read, or communicate, and they have a child-like behavior. The mysterious disease also causes hyperphagia, an uncontrollable desire to eat.

Imaarl Duprey sleeping disease 2

How did the Sleeping Beauty Syndrome affect Imaarl?

The 23 year-old is dependent on round the clock attention from her mum Kerry Griffiths, 46 and sister Shahnequa Duprey, 21. Despite all that, Imaarl managed to get a degree in psychology from Goldsmiths University in London.

It’s had a really big impact on me and my family. In the early days of having KLS my mum thought I could be having a breakdown – I thought the same. I need constant supervision. My sister has been forced to miss university lectures and my mum has taken a lot of time off work.

Imaarl Duprey sleeping disease 4

The Kleine–Levin syndrome’s main disadvantage are the periods of deep sleep of up to 20 hours per day. The longest period of time which Imaarl spent sleeping was 59 days… and it could last even more the next time.

Imaarl Duprey sleeping disease 3

Below you can see a video of the real life sleeping beauty:

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