The Peculiar Case of the Yemeni Girl who is Crying Stones

The Interesting Case of the Girl who is crying with stone tears – Read about the astonishing case of the girl who cries with pebbles and another similar case

Let’s dig into the bizarre story of the girl crying rocks:

The mysterious phenomenon has amazed all medical field in Yemen. The doctors claim that they never seen such a strange medical problem. 

Saadyia Saleh is 12 years old and is from Yemen. She looks like any ordinary girl of her age, but her problem is way out of the ordinary. 


Whenever Saadyia is crying, she makes small stones instead of tears. The stones are naturally pushed into the front part of her eyes. 

The doctors are thrilled by the phenomenon and can’t provide any explanation. Also, the girl doesn’t suffer from any known illnesses. 


While the doctors are struggling to find a plausible explanation, the doctors start to panic. They believe the girl might be possessed by magic. Others go beyond this fantasist explanation and believe this problem is the did of the demons themselves. 

Most people are afraid that it might be the start of a peril, like an epidemic

Yemani girl cries stone5

Below you can watch a video about the Yemeni girl who is crying stones and the doctors and her relatives: 

Read below about another girl who cries uncommon tears:

Lebanon Girl crying crystal tears
Another strange case of people crying with odd tears is the case of the Lebanon girl who is crying with crystal tears. 
Hasnah Mohamed Meselmani is 12 years old and in 2008 started to cry with crystal tears for about 7 times a day. 


The crystal tears are very sharp and could easily produce wounds in her eyes. She doesn’t complain of any kind of pain. 

The phenomenon is a mystery for doctors, and there is no explanation for it. 


The case however could not be verified for its authenticity.
Is this case really true or is it a hoax? 

View below a video about the weird case of the girl who is crying crystal tears:

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