Fattest Kids In the World

World’s fattest Kids

Check out the stories of some of the fattest children in the world. In this day and age, the community is getting fatter and fatter by the day, and we even see morbid obesity in children. Some kids got so overweight that they weigh more than a normal adult. Let’s find out together just how big some of the world’s fattest kids are.

1. Jessica Gaude World’s Fattest girl Ever

Meet Jessica Gaude, the girl who was once the world’s fattest child. the sight of her like this is indeed gruesome, and it may make you think and suspect child abuse… Jessica used to eat every two hours, and she would throw a horrible tantrum if her parents did not comply to her wishes.

The girl ate a stunning 10,000 calories per day, she couldn’t walk or bear physical strain and her cardiovascular system was at grave risk. Instead of walking to move around, she used to roll around to get from one place to another.

Her day-to-day “diet” included Coca-Colas, 15 hamburgers with fries and several kilograms of chocolate. Practically, she gulps up in one day, a kid’s ratio of junk food for half of year… Her breakfast alone consists of white bread, potato chips and two liters of coke… but she still wanted more and more!

Seven-year-old Jessica Gaude was obviously the odd one in her age group weighing a whooping 222 kilograms, she WAS the fattest child in the world. She could no longer run or walk, instead, she dragged herself on the floor. Due to her high body weight her bones were severely distorted.

Jessica’s mom, Carolyn, is the only one to blame in this terrible sittuation, because she gave her daughter whatever she cried for. When the baby was born, she cried due to stomach pain… the mom gave her the bottle instead of anything else, and from then on she couldn’t stop eating:

“I gave her the bottle and she wanted more and more. It was not enough for her and she was constantly hungry”

See the world’s fattest kid ever in the :

Luckily, child services demanded that the child be taken to a reeducation center, so she can learn how to restrain herself from excessive eating. She lost most of her weight naturally, without undergoing any surgeries, but she will need reconstructive surgery to get rid of the excess skin, and to straighten her deformed bones. See how she looked after the weight loss in the :

2. Dzhambik Khatokhov – 2012 World’s Fattest Kid

Have a look at 11-year-old Dzhambik Khatokhov (known as Jambik) from Russia. He weighs 324 pounds, stands 5′ 2″ tall and he holds the record for the World’s Fattest child.

Jambik weighed 6 lb. 6 oz. when he was born, which is not abnormal at all for a baby but by the time he turned 1 he was more than 28 lbs. Before his third birthday, Jambik could lift weights as heavy as 7 lbs. When he turned four, he had practically “ballooned” at an amazing 81 lbs, despite being just 3 ft., 11 in… His on a diet consisted of porridge and ice cream, and with a diet like that, who wouldn’t balloon…

Unfortunately, the child’s mother, Nelya, doesn’t thinks that her son is just fine, and that the doctors are over-exaggerating.

“He is just growing: upwards and outwards,” she said. “What can I do about it? This is who he is, this is how God created him.”

Jambik, attends wrestling five days a week and he also swims a lot, and he declared that:

“I want to be a sportsman when I grow up. Or better, an Olympic champion. I like to be strong.”

See a video of the overweight child bellow:

3. Lu Hao – 132 Pounds Fattest Toddler

Lu Hao is 132lbs and he’s already five times the size of a normal child his age. This toddler gulps up three bowls of rice in one meal, and no matter how hard the family restricts the boy’s diet, the toddler has still managed to put on 10kg (22 lbs) in the past year.

See his full story in the :

4. Suman Khatun Fattest Indian Kid

At her 3 feet 5 ins height, and a staggering 14st 5lbs weight, this poor Indian girl weighs five times more than the normal ratio. Suman Khatun is one of the world’s fattest kids. Her food for one week could feed her entire village, and she is believed to suffer from a hormonal imbalance causing her to be hungry all the time!

Suman, lives in Bengal, India, and her normal lunch includes: two giant plates of rice, two bowls of fried fish, two fried eggs and a couple of omelettes. Lunch comes after two breakfasts of biscuits, bananas, rice and eggs. The child’s motherm Beli Bibi, 32, doesn’t know just how much her kid eats ’cause immediately after lunch she goes begging for food from neighbours.

She said:

‘She’s hungry all the time and all she does is cry. I don’t like seeing my daughter so sad so I feed her. What am I meant to do?’

See her full story in the :

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