Strangest Hobbies

5. The Man Who Fakes His Own Death

Chuck Lamb, is also known as The Dead Body Guy, and if there were an entry in The Guinness Book Of World Records for weirdest hobby, he’s win the spot! His hobby is extremely unusual: he likes to play dead! And he doesn’t want to just keep that for himself… he likes to take pictures and videos while he gets in the role of a dead body and upload them on his website. See more pictures of this strange hobby below:

Here’s a video of Chuck Lamb playing dead.

6. Collecting Milk Bottles

Paul Luke made a hobby out of his passion for milk… He likes mils so much that he has a milk bottle collection of over 10,000 milk bottles, and he actually built a museum to keep all of them.

7. Collecting Navel Fluff

Now this is simply a gross hobby: Graham Barker has spent half of his life working on his hobby… he collected his navel fluff! The Australian librarian started “harvesting” his fluff in 1984 in Brisbane. After 26 years, the complete collection now weighs 22.1 grams, or .77 ounces. So far, the only answer he gives people who ask why… is why not? I take it no one actually told him because it’s GROSS!

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