World’s Biggest Shark Ever Captured: 40-Feet Long

World’s Biggest Shark Ever Captured: 40-Feet Long in Karachi Pakistan.We also made a top of the world’s biggest sharks ever discovered.

We’ve all heard our share of fish tales, but a few lucky fishermen in Karachi Fish Harbour can now take pride with the fact that the captured the biggest shark in the world! The gigantic was captured on February 7th, 2012, it was 40 feet long and it belongs to a special species of sharks called wale sharks.
Now in all fairness, the fishermen weren’t really all that skilled in fishing to be able to make such a capture, but it’s still one that’s gonna be remembered for a long time. The shark died of unknown causes and it washed ashore, where it gave local Pakistani authorities quite a struggle when it came to getting it out of the water. The giant whale shark was so heavy that it had to be lifted out of the water with the aid of two cranes.

Apparently, the shark had been spotted 10 days prior to its washout, drifting unconscious 150 km off shore, and the causes of its death are still unknown, but scientists have taken samples in hope to discover what killed this giant. The corpse of the dead shark was sold for the amazing sum of 1700 rupees (17,500 Dollars).

Now, before you get scared and panic that one of these amazing creatures might catch you off guard while you’re enjoying a swim in the ocean, you should know that they’re not called whale sharks simply because they’re enormous. This species of sharks live in tropical waters and despite their scary appearance and size, the only feed on plankton and occasionally, some small fish.

The image looks like people are ‘swimming’ around the sharks. See People Swimming with Sharks Around Them

The last documented length for a whale shark was 12 feet long, but it is indeed obvious that they can reach greater lengths. Not only do these gentle creatures do not pose any threat to humans, but they’ve actually been known to be quite friendly, and allow divers to swim on their backs. So you shouldn’t find it scary that whale sharks have a mouth that is 5 feet wide and it is fully equipped with up to 350 rows of tiny teeth.

The person who bought the great giant is a local businessman named Haji Qasim, and he declared that: “I have bought the fish, which usually has no significant commercial value, with the help of my friends just to appreciate the efforts of the fishermen who deserve some reward after spending an entire day in the open sea”.

If you want to see how the local Pakistani authorities fished the giant shark from the water, have a look at the .

So we’ve established that this big fellow is the largest shark ever caught, but how big were the previous record holders. Here’s a list with some of the biggest sharks ever caught.

1. 700 lbs Bull Shark

This big and scary fellow over here is the biggest bull shark in the world, caught so far. She’s actually a pregnant female, four meters long and weighing almost half a ton. This awesome creature was found 5.5 km up the Breede River, tagged for follow-up and released back into the wild.

2. World’s largest Shortfin Mako Shark (1,221 lbs)

This amazing creature is certified as the world’s largest shortfin mako shark (Isurus oxyrhynchus). This is a man eating species, and this particular specimen weighed 1,221 pounds when it was captured and killed in 2001.

3. World’s largest Hammerhead Shark (1,280 lbs)

A man named Clyde “Bucky” Dennis decided that he wants to capture a shark worth being mentioned in the records. The funny thing is that he actually did it, he managed to fish out of the ocean, the world’s largest Hammerhead Shark which was 14 feet long and weighed 1,2280 pounds.

4. World’s largest Sixgilled Shark (1,298 lbs)

5. World’s Largest Great White (2,664 lb)

This is the world’s largest great white ever captured. The record was established on April 21, 1959. The tenacious fisherman was named Alf Dean, and he caught the 2,664-pound great white shark off the coast of Ceduna, Australia. No other larger great white has ever been caught since.

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