Most Bizarre Inventions Ever!

A Collection of Some of the most bizzare, strangest, Yet Useful Inventions

Have a look at some of the most bizarre inventions created. Some are useful, others are just plain weird, so let’s see together just how strange some inventions can really be.
We have a lamp that runs on blood, a creepy crawly spider robot, Metal Detecting Sandals and many more, so let’s have a look together.

1. The Dracula Light bulb: a bulb that runs on human blood:

No, this is no Halloween trick, the lightbulb you see in the picture above does indeed run on blood. This bizarre invention was created by an American designer named Mike Thompson, and since it’s a one use only bulb, it’s meant to raise awareness about our disposables…

The strange Dracula bulb has some chemicals inside it, and those of you brave enough to buy one, will have to break the top off, and cut yourself in the jagged remains. The blood combined with the chemicals will make this lovely incandescent blue light.

The artist’s intention is to:

“By creating a lamp that can only be used once, the user must consider when light is needed the most, forcing them to rethink how wasteful they are with energy, and how precious it is. The simple flick of a switch allows us to power appliances and gadgets 24/7 without a thought to where it comes from and the cost to the environment.”

The artist also posted a shocking video to make people realize that if energy came with a more noticeable cost to our own person, we wouldn’t waste it so easily. Next time you’re thinking of leaving the lights on, think again!

Have a look at the shocking , created to illustrate how the light bulb works on human blood:

2. Centaurus 2 Solar Powered Vehicle

Yet another odd-looking invention that urges us to go green is a solar powered vehicle named generically “Centaurus 2″… this strange little car was the fastest and best “green” vehicle at the 2010 American Solar Challenge, a 1100 mile race from Tulsa to Chicago.

Centaurus 2 runs on just 3 wheels, it’s 3 feet tall, sixteen feet long, six feet wide and whoever drives it has a seat reserved straight in the middle. The little weird care weighs about 400 pounds, which in comparison to a normal car, is a lot less, so the design of Centaurus 2 is also an improvement in aerodynamics.

The car is completely covered with solar cells and even though it remains a concept car for now, maybe somewhere in the future, we’ll br driving his baby to work.

Below you can watch two videos showing you how Centaurus 2 Solar powered vehicle was built:

3. Metal Detecting Sandals

Thought about going on a treasure hunt anytime soon? Well we have just the perfect invention for you: sandals which have a built in metal detector! They look hip and sort of fashionable, even though they don’t come in pink too.

The right sandal has an inbuilt copper coil, which is connected to a battery pack strapped around your leg. Not exactly sure how useful they will be, cause once you get within 2 feet of a metal object, the detector will either start to flash a light, or vibrate, depending on your choice of alert.

4. Uno Motorbike

Did you think motorcycles are dangerous? Well how about a monocycle, or the so called unicycle? Ben J. Poss Gulak, an 18 year-old inventor merged the unicycle and motorcycle and cam up with the amazing motorbike!

The Uno weighs around 120lbs and has absolutely no controls, except for a simple on/off switch.

5. Turnon Multi Functional Spinning Wall

Do you feel like the walls are closing in? Well, maybe they are, if you have your very own Multi Functional Spinning Wall. This bizarre wall is practically a room which takes advantage of the ceiling also – hence adding more space and room. The whole concoction is basically a human-adapted hamster wheel which allows you to “climb” the wall, spinning it till you reach your desired position. It can be used for a large amount of purposes and it saves you SPACE! That is essential… but, I’m not sure how most of us would feel about living in a hamster cage, be it space-saving or not.

6. Nose Stylus

Need an extra hand to deal with your touchscreen device? Try the nose stylus…

These were more of the modern bizarre inventions, now let’s hop into the time machine and have a look at some of the most bizarre inventions of the past! Check them out on the next page:

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