Strangest Hobbies

Check Out Some Of The World’s Weirdest and Strangest Hobbies

 Largest Ball of Paint 1

Let’s check out the strangest hobbies in the world and see what weird things people collect or like doing. It’s not out of the ordinary to have a hobby, but if you start collecting your navel fluff in large jars… some may call that occupation weird!
Or what about if someone really likes to play dead? So lets all have a look at some of the strangest hobbies in the world. Enjoy!

1. Creating the World’s Largest Ball of Paint

Largest Ball of Paint 3

Some call it an odd hobby, others look up to his performance with admiration, but one thing’s for sure, Mike Carmichael sure has one weird hobby! The life of an interior decorator is challenging but with a little bit of imagination, you can escape the boredom and find something nice to do every time. Back in January 1977, Mike decided to paint a baseball…

Largest Ball of Paint 5

22,894 coats of paint later, the ball now weighs 1,587 kilograms (3,500 pounds). People from all around the world came to add a coat of paint to the ball, and before they knew it, the ball was eligible for the Guinness Book of World Records.

Largest Ball of Paint 6

The ball is so large it requires reinforced metal rods to suspend it from the roof of his shed. The first coat of paint was added by Mike Carmichael’s son, and the golden rule for whomever adds paint to the ball is that each color has to be different from the previous. So if you’re up for adding a coat of paint to the biggest paint ball, stop by their house and add your contribution to this wondrous ball.

See more pictures and a video of the world’s largest ball of paint below:

Largest Ball of Paint 1

Largest Ball of Paint 2

Largest Ball of Paint 4

2. Extreme Dog Grooming

Extreme dog grooming 1

well this may look hilarious, or to some even cute, but seriously… poor dogs! Some people in China have a very peculiar hobby… they groom dogs. Whilst that may not seem weird at all, just have a look at the pictures below… these dogs are really extremely groomd, somewhat like a work of art… but in fur! Have a look!
Extreme dog grooming 2

Extreme dog grooming 3

Extreme dog grooming 4

Extreme dog grooming 5

Extreme dog grooming 61

Extreme dog grooming 7

Extreme dog grooming 8

Extreme dog grooming 9

Extreme dog grooming 10

Extreme dog grooming 11

Extreme dog grooming 12

oh dog why

3. Knitting breasts

Knitting breasts 1

84 year-old Audrey Horncastle has a very strange hobby, she likes to knit. So, what’s weird about an old lady knitting you may ask? Well, she likes to knit breasts… What happens to all of the woolen boobies? She hands them to her daughter, Rhona Emery who uses the unusual knitting to teach new mums how to breast-feed their newborn babies. The octogenarian has knitted more that 100 pairs of the unusual body parts and she’ll keep on knitting to help mommies learn how to feed their kiddos.

Knitting breasts 2

Knitting breasts 3

4. Mooing

Mooing 1

It may seem weird, but some people actually practice mooing all year long for the mooing contest at the Wisconsin State Fair. The most impressive winner of the contest is a 10 year old named Austin Siok who is considered an expert in mooing… See him in a :

Mooing 2

See more of the world’s weirdest hobbies on page 2.

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