Outstanding: First man to cross Grand Canyon on a tightrope

First man to cross the Cross The Grand Canyon on Tight Rope – Amazing Video

Daredevil Nik Wallenda is the first man to ever cross the Grand Canyon on a tight rope, and if you are scared of heights, then the video of hs amazing stunt is not for you. The man was 1,500 feet above the ground and he walked on 427 meters long rope above the Grand Canyon. Wanna see how he did it? Have a look below and see.

man crossing grand canyon on rope 1

It took Nik Wallenda an astonishing 22 minutes and 54 seconds to cross the amazingly wrong rope, and he did it without any safety measures at all. It was just him and a 45 pound bar on the 2-inch-thick wire.

man crossing grand canyon on rope 2

And to make things even more outstanding, the winds he had to struggle with, ranged fro 18 mph to a more treacherous 30 mph. If he hadn’t had such amazing will power and confidence, he wouldn’t be standing here today. There was no safety net nor harness to catch him.

man crossing grand canyon on rope 3

With every step he took, Nik Wallenda could be heard praying and thanking God for keeping him safe. Is it a miracle that me made it out alive? I would say yes!

This is the prayer that he said after every step:

Thank you Jesus. You’re my king, you’re my protector, you’re my shield, you’re my strength, you’re my Lord.

man crossing grand canyon on rope 4

But this isn’t the first time this daredevil has done something this amazing, last year, he crossed the Niagra Falls exactly as he did the Grand Canyon. It’s an astonishing performance to say the least.

man crossing grand canyon on rope 5

man crossing grand canyon on rope 6

man crossing grand canyon on rope 7

Have a look at a video of Nik Wallenda’s amazing performance to cross the Grand Canyon on a tight rope.

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