Fake Hairy Leg Leggings to Deflect Men

Fake Hairy Leg Leggings to Deflect Men – Stockings that Make Your Legs Look Hairy!

Hairy stockings are the newest invention for women’s safety, and they’re weird and shocking to say the least. Would you wear this to protect yourself against that nagging guy that keeps irritating you, let’s find out?

Weird Hairy Stockings 1

Nope, there’s no mistake in the title, someone has indeed come up with some bizarre hairy stockings, which will presumably keep nagging and irritating guys away (they’ll keep pretty much anyone away if you ask me). The odd invention was developed nowhere else but China.

Weird Hairy Stockings 2

The latest ‘hot’ trend for young ladies this summer are these shocking hairy stockings, so if you’re looking to experiment with a new look, this is the “it thing” for you! The idea has gone viral in China, and some of the reviews for this product say:

“Super, summertime full-leg-of-hair stockings, essential for young girls going out.”

Would you wear a pair of these stockings?

Weird Hairy Stockings 3

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