Indian Child with 25 fingers

Indian Child Has 25 Fingers

Amazing! A 4 year old boy from India was born with the astonishing number of 25 fingers. Arpan Saxena from Bhopal, India was born with 25 fingers and toes due to a rare genetic disorder called Polydactyly.
His digits are also fused together on account of another disturbing genetic disorder known as Syndactyly. Find out more about this amazing case right here.

Arpan Saxena from Bhopal, India is just 4 years old but even if he’s at a such tender age, he is famous throughout the world due to his amazing 25 fingers… A rare genetic disorder called Polydactyly affected the formation of Arpan’s fingers, causing the appearance of more than just the regular number of 5 fingers for each foot and hand. But wait… there’s more! As if that weren’t enough, the little boy also suffers from a genetic condition known as Syndactyly, which leads to fingers and toes being fused together. The boy had this strange condition since he was a baby.

Arpan, has 13 fingers and 12 toes and is very lucky to enjoy the status of a Bhopal star with his picture posted on city walls. In fact, Arpan was born with a total of 26 fingers, but due to an unfortunate accident when the little boy was just 2 years old, one of the extra fingers was lost, but 25 still remained.

His father, 35-year-old Anil Saxena, declared that:

When he was born, we were surprised to see that he had 26 fingers and toes. I had never, ever heard of anyone being born with so many fingers. He was out playing when he injured one of his fingers and it just sort of came off.

The boy really loves having this disorder, and so does his family:

I love it when people come to see me and take photos. But the only thing I don’t like is that I can’t walk a lot because my feet never fit in any shoes.

In the meantime, people have offered to help the family with finance for an operation to remove the extra digits, but the boy’s mother thinks that:

Arpan is famous all over Bhopal and we like it that way, and I am apprehensive about how an operation might affect him at this age.

See some more pictures of Arpan below:

Believe it or not, Arpan is not the record holder for most fingers… Another little boy from India holds the Guinness record for most digits: 34!

Akshat Saxena

Akshat Saxena is just 2 years old and already famous due to the fact that he is the human with most digits: an amazing 34 fingers. Akshat Saxena had seven fingers on each hand and ten toes on each foot, according to a spokesman for Guinness World Records.

The boy lives in Uttar Pradesh in northern India, and has underwent a series of surgeries to amputate the excess digits. Akshat was born without thumbs so doctors will have to reconstruct these out of the fingers they have removed.

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