Most Bizarre Inventions Ever!

1. One Wheel Motorcycle

If you thought that the uno motorbike was new… think again, someone had already tried the idea back in 1925… Below is a picture of a bizarre attempt of a one wheel motorcycle, found in the National Archives of Holland:

2. Amphibious bicycle Paris, 1932

Thinking of crosing the river, but you don’t have a boat? No worries, in 1932, someone invented a weird-looking amphibious bicycle…

3. Hamblin glasses for reading in bed, England, 1936

Care to read a book before falling asleep? Well then these Hamblin glasses for reading in bed were exactly what you were looking for. They were invented in 1936 in England.

4. Early GPS – 1932

Nowadays, a GPS is somehting normal, we have them on our phones and in our cars… but in 1932, it was a really strange invention. It consisted of a rolling map that passed through the screen at a speed determined by the speed of the car. Neat, huh?

5. Radio hat – 1931

It’s no iPod, but for a weird invention of 1931, it’ll do. This amazing radio hat was created by an American inventor in the 1930s.

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