Celebs And Their Siblings

Unseen Siblings Of Famous Celebrities: Sisters and Brothers

Introducing the less famous siblings of some celebrities which you most likely had no idea they even had a brother or a sister, or even more that just one sibling. Some of the siblings you are about to see have some of the family traits, while others simply don’t look anything like their famous relative. Either way, let’s check them out, prepare to be surprised!

1. Lee Anne DeVette

Does the name Lee Anne DeVette ring any bells for you? Well, it didn’t to us either, and you might be wondering who is the lady in the picture next to Tom Cruise… Well, meet his sister. Lee Ann is a publicist, and of course, as her brother, a member of the Scientology church.
Weird freaky fact about Lee Anne DeVette? When Katie Holmes got pregnant, two days before the official announcement she fired her old publicist and hired Scientologist Lee Anne DeVette…

2. Louise Adams

Here’s Louise Adams. At a first glance, that name doesn’t mean anything, but have a closer look at this young lady. Doesn’t she remind you of Posh Spice? Louise Adams is Victoria Beckham’s sister. (off topic, she married a city broker and she’s doing well). Have a look at the two in the pics below:

3. Natasha Law

Well, I am sure this name rings a bell for you… First of all because she’s a renown painter and artist, and seeeecondlt… (drum rolls please) because she shares the same last name as Hollywood hottie, Jude Law. Well, it ain’t no coincidence, she really is Jude’s younger sister, and just by looking at her, you can tell that the looks run in the family.

4. Hunter Johansson

Well isn’t this a dashing young man… Ladies, brace yourselves as we introduce you to Hunter Johansson. Yes, Johansson as in Scarlet… This is her twin brother. And he’s not just another pretty face. Hunter was a campaign councilor for President Obama’s 2012 campaign.

5. James Grint

And if Hunter wasn’t enough for you ladies, get acquainted with James Grint, Rupert Grint’s sibling. Our favorite Harry Potter ginger has a brother and he looks stunning. He’s something like the brunette version of Rupert. Pretty neat!

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