Disfigured By Facial Tumors

Facial Tumors Making People Look Like Monsters

Read the amazing story of Li Hongfang, a woman disfigured by facial tumors, and others like her. Every illness is a drama for whoever bares it, but some diseases are simply terrible.
For example, facial tumors can disfigure the bone structure of the face and enlarge the head to extreme sizes. Let’s check out some of the most interesting cases of people who were disfigured by facial tumors.

1. Li Hongfang

Meet the woman who’s first words when she meets someone are “I am just ill. Please, I am not a monster.” Before 2001, this Chinese woman was what society would call, a normal woman, but beginning with that year, her life took a dramatical turn to the worst! Her facial features became distorted by some horrible tumors. At first, she only had a small bump on her forehead, which she paid no attention to, but by 2005, she had to undergo surgery to have it removed.

After the removal, her life only got worse, more and more tumors appeared and soon enough, people started looking at her as a monster. The woman was diagnosed with Chordoma, a condition which causes abnormal masses of tissue to grow. The disease evolved till her face became entirely distorted by seven masses and her neck was so swollen, that it hanged down to her chest.

Luckily, people have big hearts, and instead of letting the widowed Li Hongfang beg in the city for money for her surgery, the money was raised so thta she can undergo surgery to get rid of the seven horrific masses. After the surgery, Li declared that

“I feel my head is lighter, and I must look better. I haven’t looked in the mirror yet. I want to save the big time to the time when the surgery swelling goes down. It could be the best gift to me”

Below you can see even more pictures of Li, before and after her surgery:

2. Wang Xingao five year old boy with face destroyed by facial tumors:

In 2011, a small swelling appeared on little Wang Xingao’s face. The lump got bigger and bigger until he ended up looking like a monster because his face is distorted by the tumors.

“It was just a pimple when it appeared and then when it got to be the size of a small egg we tried to get help”

Doctors declared that

“Even with treatment it will be very difficult to do anything because any cancer in the head is extremely hard to tackle – especially one as advanced as this.”

3. Jose: the man with no face

Meet Jose, the man who has one of the most extreme and dangerous facial tumors known in medical history. The man lives in Portugal, and due to his severe illness, he finds himself in danger of choking to death, unless he undergoes drastic surgery to remove the tumors.

The deep, 15cm long growth started out as a birth mark, but it eventually and progressively began growing, up till now and the tumor blinded one of his eyes, broke all of his teeth, ballooned his lips and gums and practically stole all of his voice.

See a video of him below:

4. Huang Chuncai: 20 kilogram facial tumor

Huang Chuncai has undergone surgery in 2008 to have a 44 pound facial tumor removed from his face. The whole tumor was not removed due to the fact that it was too large, so the man underwent another surgeryin 2009, when the remaining 4.5kg were removed. Huang Chuncai suffered from Neurofibromatosis, a genetic disorder that causes growth on nerve tissues.

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