Cars Falling Into Massive Sinkholes all around the world

13. Ruijin City, Jiangxi Province, in eastern China

giant sinkhole cars china 600x313

On 20 May 2016, in Ruijin City, China, a sinkhole swallowed and destroyed four cars. The owners were terrified by the sound but fortunately, nobody was hurt.

China has a lot of problems with sinkholes, yep, BUT also 40% of the US lies in sinkhole-prone areas! Check it out in pictures, below:

  • US – Albany, New Yorksinkhole albany new york united states 600x394

  • Kane County -ILLINOIS 1st July 2014

car swallowed by sinkhole in Kane County Illinois  600x401

  • Milwaukee, Wisconsin – 22 July 2010

wisconsin car fall into sinkhole 600x449

  • Duluth, Minnesota

minnesotta duluth sinkhole 600x430

The cases presented are real and all images provided correspond to reality, so share this with your friends and let us know your opinion about this article. Don’t forget to drive safely and always wear your seatbelts on! (and your lucky charm on…)

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