Fascinating Mechanical Insects

Fascinating Mechanical Insects

They may not have flown or crawled out of Noah’s Ark, but they sure seem real enough to scare those who are faint of heart. Despite the fact that they appear to be alive, on a second, more attentive look these insects are actually mechanical bugs. Yes, that’s right, they’re a weird combination of real insects, antique wrist watch parts and other such pieces of modern technology. From the feared praying mantis to our belove, cute lady bug all of these little creatures are hand picked and handmade in such a way that combines nature’s perfection and modern day’s advances in technology.

Some may call it art, others will call it odd but their creator, Mike Libby, calls them fun and unique.  These robot-like insects take us one step closer to science-fiction, but few of us know that plenty of modern day to day inventions and innovations are actually inspired by different types of insects or animals.

Robo-ug or not this tarantula is scary!

This hybrid scorpion is probably harmless, oh, if only they ere all like this one.

Grasshoppers are always sweet and so it this mechanical one.

And this black butterfly opens the collection of mechanical butterflies pictures. The superb combination between real life insects and mechanical parts is truthfully amazing, it let’s us enjoy the colors of the real life and keep them forever.

The contains more interesting cyborg bugs, it’s amazing just how much studies are developed on insects.

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dSCLBG9KeX4′]

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