Alaskan Sea Monster – Amazing Video

Alaskan Sea Monster – Amazing Video

“Tigers and lions and bears, oh my!” that’s what Dorothy said when she was scared, wonder what she’d say if she heard the news about a new sea monster. Yes, you read right, Nessie step aside cause there’s a new marine monster in the spotlight and it’s been spotted in the icy cold waters of Alaska. Footage of a mysterious 20 to 30 feet long creature surfacing the Alaskan waters.

Unfortunately, the black and white video was filmed back in 2009 on a cold rainy day, with a really old camera.

But have no fear, since the spotting of this monster, people have set their minds to find it. The mysterious creature has been labeled as a “Cadborosaurus willsi” in layman terms, a reptile. A huge lizard which was first spotted centuries ago in the British Columbia. The extraordinary animal is reported to have a horse-like head, huge black eyes and bumps on its back that stick out of the water.

A deeper inquest in the matter of a large sea monster reveals that sightings of this beholding water creature date back to 200 year ago, but physical evidence of this animal was reportedly found in the stomach contents of a captured wale way back in 1937. Nevertheless, till some real tangible evidence is found, that proves the existence of this sea monster, the odd sea serpent will still be classified as a Cryptozoology member, that means that it will remain a creature who’s existence is not recognized by scientists.

Fortunately, Andy Hillstrand one of “Deadliest Catch” crew members is hot on the trail of this new Nessie in a brand new TV show: “Hillstranded”, Andy declared that he’s seen a very long white creature surfacing the Alaskan waters and he’s determined to catch it on tape. We’re sure to find out more pretty soon.

Till then, take a look below, we have the 2009 video of the amazing sea monster.

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