Weirdest Dresses Ever Seen

Eating out of porcelain dishes is considered very elegant, so why wouldn’t a dress made entirely out of porcelain be the same? Designer Li Xiaofeng decided to use white and blue porcelain pieces which she sewed together with a silver thread, and she named her amazing dress: “Memory of Beijing suitdress”. But that’s not all she made, since this odd dress looked so good, she didn’t stop at just one dress, she created more, and even a men’s jacket. Have a look below to see some of the weirdest porcelain dresses:

Memory of Beijing-Suitdress by Li Xiaofeng
Li Xiaofeng, Colourful Time No. 2
Li Xiaofeng, Classical porcelain dress
Li Xiaofeng porcelain dress
Li Xiaofeng, Dream of the Yong Le porcelain jacket

We’ve heard of balloon animals, but you know what else balloons are good for? Well, they’re good material for dresses. Check them out below:

Image source

The Bubelle Dress by Philips:

This dress changes colors depending on your mood… The dress has two layers: the inner one which consists of biometric sensors designed to pick up a person’s emotions and projects them in the form of colors on the second layer.

Have a look at a picture and some awesome videos of the mood bubble dress by Philips:

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