Apocalyptic Storm Clouds in Belgium

Weird Storm in Belgium Strikes with Apocalyptic Clouds

Belgium has seen how the Apocalypse looks in the form of a weird storm with bizarre clouds. See more pictures and a video of the odd phenomenon right here.

The horrific event happened on Monday, August 5th, 2013 was seen from Knokke-Le-Zoute off the Belgium coast. Upon seeing the pictures, you may think that someone may have gone missing.

Belgium apocalyptic storm 1

The storm brought upon the coast line house and yard flooding, but no one was hurt.

Belgium apocalyptic storm 2

These sorts of clouds are known as Roll Clouds. A roll cloud is a low, horizontal tube-shaped arcus cloud associated with a thunderstorm gust front, or sometimes a cold front.

Belgium apocalyptic storm 3

See a video of the apocalyptic storm in Belgium below:

And if you are thinking only Belgium has seen such bizarre apocalyptic storms, you are highly mistaking. The same sort of storm was also spotted in Russia, back in 2012


And here’s a video of more apocalyptic storms:

The United States of America also dealt with such oddly shaped clouds, also in 2012:

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