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Check Out Some Of The Strangest Dresses Ever Created

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Designers sure have some weirdest ideas when it comes to dresses. Some designers made dresses out of condoms, or toilet papers, and we even have a dress made of spider webs, yes, that’s right, we have a lot of odd dresses, so let’s explore together the unlimited weird imagination of dress styles.

yellow Dress made of spider webs 2

First of all, let’s take a look at a dress made out of Spider-silk. The dress is more of a cape, and it was designed by British creator Simon Peers
and Nicholas Godley, from the US. The two inventive designers created a silk harvesting machine, which was built after a blueprint which is over 100 years (see it below).

Silk harvesting blueprint

The amazing cape is made out of the silk of more than one million golden orb spiders. The insects were captured from the wild, harnessed to the machine and after the silk was collected, they were all released back to the wild where they belong. No animal was hurt or killed, and the result is a fantastic looking cape. 23,000 spiders are needed to produce 28g of silk, which is naturally golden, and it takes the insects one week to regenerate their stocks. Have a look at the amazing result, below.

dezeen Spider silk cape by Simon Peers and Nicholas Godley

yellow Dress made of spider webs 2

See the amazing but weird dress made of spider silk from golden orbes in the :

Now, not all designers use spider webs for their dresses… some use other unconventional materials to draw attention on their creations. What kind of materials you ask? Well, just ponder this question: would you wear a dress made entirely of condoms? Brazilian artist Adriana Bertini chose to recycle thousands of quality-control-rejected condoms and use them for her dresses… She presented her designs in a show titled “Dress Up Against AIDS: Condom Couture”, let’s watch some of her condom dresses below:

Condom dress 1

Condom dress 3

Condom dress 4

Condom dress 5

Condom dress 6

Condom dress 7

And have a look at the to see how a condom dress is made:

And since we saw dresses made out of condoms, let’s check out another pretty cool dress. At a first glance, you might ask yourself what’s weird about it, but look again… it’s made entirely out of gloves:

Weird dress made of gloves

OK, now let’s switch our attention from plastic materials to something more natural… Did you ever imagine yourself all covered in leafs? Well if you did, Nicole Dextras, a brilliant designer came up with a totally weird use for flowers and leafs… She used them to create wardrobes: dresses for those brave enough to go green all the way. Have a look at her designs below:

Nicole Dextras laurel leaves dress

Nicole Dextras cabbage smock dress

Nicole Dextras camelia dress

Nicole Dextras crab apple gown

Nicole Dextras flower dress 1

Dress of flowers weirdest dresses

Image source

Have a look at Nicole Dextras strange Weedrobes in the :

More weird dresses on the next page.

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