Chinese Floating Car by Volkswagen

Volkswagen Presents an Awesome floating Car On The Streets Of China

We’re all sci-fi fans, some more than others but we can agree on one thing: we are waiting for floating cars to prove to us that we’e finally living in the future… Well, it looks like the wait just got a bit smaller, cause Volkswagen has gotten our hopes up by promoting a concept car which can float!
Yes, that’s right, the German engineers are in the house and they’re set on using science, to make fiction become reality by giving us a floating car!

Is it a hoax or can we really look forward to driving flying cars in the very near future? Volkswagen put out a new promotional video that immediately went viral. The clip shows us a concept car which can fly by using magnetic force to float. Isn’t that neat?

Once you see it, you won’t be able not to observe how this new floating Volkswagen model looks strikingly similar to the cars drawn in The Jetsons cartoon series.

The future of automobiles might look like this and we’re loving every moment of it! The Volkswagen Hover Car is a zero-emissions vehicle that uses electromagnetic road networks to float above the road. Now, you may be wondering how this amazing vehicle was invented… Well, with a team so so many bright minds, it’s kinda hard yet nice to find out that the car in the video and the clip itself are the end result of a Chinese contest in which people were asked to create their vision of the perfect “People’s Car” .

A young girl who study animation and gaming design from Chengdu city, had submitted a spherical car with no wheels. Volkswagen picked up the design and created a video to illustrate how amazing our future will be. Collapsing road holes won’t be a problem for this one!

Have a look yourself at the shocking clip and more pictures below:

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