World’s 7 Most Incredible and Weirdest Cities

We assembled a Top 7 of interesting, incredibile and weirdest destinations in the world that definitely stand out. To some extent, most of us like to travel. Mostly because we like to discover new cultures, new ideas and challenge our world view. This list is meant to impress and blow you away with some of the weirdest cities in the world

1. Nova do Cordeiro, Brasil

This is a small town. It has nearly 600 inhabitants with an average of 25-30 years of age. For a wanderlust youngster might actually sound pretty cool. Only it has one rule: it’s a WOMEN ONLY kind of place! You can see part of the population below.

Noiva do Cordeiro - Brasil

These women are much more comfortable in their community, which they claim to be a lot cleaner and better organized. They live under strict regulations and share everything they own, including the land they work. They do recognize their need for men, sexuality and everything related to the opposite gender. Some of them are even married, only they live apart from their husbands, committing to a long distance relationship and being able to see them only during weekends. Another interesting fact regards giving birth. If the women give birth to boys, they’re only allowed to raise them till they’re 18. After that, they can no longer live in Nova do Cordeiro, but have the same weekend visits permit as husbands.

It has become such a town after 1891 when an adulterous woman together with her following 5 generations was excommunicated from there by the Catholic Church. So, in order to show understanding for the rough conditions she had to go through, they’ve instated this new way of life.

2. Longyearbyen, Norway

This city is one definitely celebrating life! With all its vividly colored houses to prove this, it has entered our list for another reason – the city with no cemetery.

Longyearbyen, Norway 1

 Due to the extremely low temperatures here, in Longyearbyen, Norway, lifeless bodies would not have the proper conditions to decompose. Thus, every corpse is moved to a nearby location where they can, eventually, rest in warmth… and piece, of course.

3. Palitana, India

Recently Palitana was declared the first all-vegetarian city in the world. How cool is that?

This awesome city is highly religious and populated with Jain monks. 200 of them went into a hunger strike for banning animal slaughter.

Palatina, India

Eventually, the Gujarat state government has come to terms and banned animal slaughter. Moreover, the monks were successful in outlawing meat and eggs sales.

Palitana has an approximate population of 5 million people.

4. Lily Dale, New York, USA

Enlightenment, here we come! This extremely interesting city is one known for pilgrimage all throughout the year, but especially in the summer.

Lily Dale, New York

Lily Dale, New York is a community of spiritualists (200+) of the Modern Spiritualist movement. It gathers noted psychics throughout the entire America. They hold medium demonstrations and private appointments, church services, etc. So, everyone interested in the spiritual and paranormal activity is counted among the 20000+ registered visitors.

Lily Dale, New York 1

Having been featured in a HBO documentary, it has grown in popularity and attracted a lot more attention. You can watch the part of the documentary below.

This is also a place for workshops or conferences in the field. Dr. Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra are two of the famous names mentioned as lecturers often in Lily Dale.

This is a private community, so, during summer – when most events take place – an entrance fee of $5-$10 /person is paid.

5. A small village near Dehradun, Northern India

A 21 year old Indian girl has shared how fulfilled and happy she feels with her family. Being married, she declares to receive a lot more love and affection than other wives. Nothing out of the ordinary till here, right?! Only she does receive more love. 5 times more love, to be more exact.

Rajo Verna has 5 husbands, and if that wasn’t enough, all of them are brothers! It’s the custom in this part of the world. Their life concept is called fraternal polyandry. As a result of an arranged marriage, Rajo has wedded Guddu. After that, she had to marry his other 4 brothers, as well.

Polyandry is a hindu practice that has faded with time. Now there are only a few places left spread preponderantly onto the Tibetan plateau.

Rajo Polyandry 2

They all live in a room and sleep on blankets. The family has an almost 2 year old boy, whose paternity isn’t known, yet.

Rajo Polyandry 1

Yes, Rajo has sex with each of her husbands a night per week. The young woman doesn’t discriminate at all, showing the same treatment to all brothers. She claims to have felt pretty weird at the beginning, but now is proud to receive so much love and affection. Guddu, her official spouse, says that he’s not jealous of his brothers and commits to one big, happy family.

6.  Kunming, Yunnan, China

This one is more of an amusement park, but because of its growing population and the fact that people live and work there, they called it a mini-kingdom.

We’re talking about the controversial and amazing Dwarf City in China. Because of too much discrimination, especially in the labor force, Chen Mingjing, a realm estate investor, founded the park as a part of one of his business complexes.

Dwarf City

Basically, it’s a city for little people. Hence the maximum height of 4 feet 3″ as condition for the inhabitants. Another restriction is regarding age – 50 or less. So, at the beginning, this summed up approximately 120 inhabitants.

They live in mushroom shaped houses and have tourism and souvenirs as revenue sources. They also throw two shows a day and even have a kingdom ruler.

Dwarf City 3

This park has created a lot of buzz throughout all sorts of social groups. Some considered it discriminatory for pulling little people out of the world and into pink tutus and Swan Lake plays. But the ones choosing to  live there have  free accommodation and meal and earn between $160 – $480 (which is about 1000 – 3000 Yuan).

Part of the short height people consider it to be a better place than the rest of the country for they have found understanding and acceptance here. Instead of regarding themselves as exploited, they see an opportunity in the labor market ready to take them in. The fact that after 6 moths from opening employers were already receiving additional job requests comes to support the former affirmation.

Dwarf City 2

7. Setenil de las Bodegas, Spain

Remember how, as children, we used to build wooden tree houses?! Well, adulthood comes with the wisdom of understanding that rock houses are a lot more appropriate. Check this out, below…

Setenil de las Bodegas, Spain

Setenil de las Bodegas is an amazing natural beauty of a town. Most of it is built into the Trio Trejo river gorge, along its eroded narrowness. Hence inhabitants living under or inside the actual gorge.

Setenil de las Bodegas, Spain 1


Setenil de las Bodegas, Spain 6

People seem to be opting for this city as a place to live out of practicality, as well. With chilled walls in the hot summer and warmth at winter, all they have to do is build a facade for their homes.

Setenil de las Bodegas, Spain 2



Setenil de las Bodegas, Spain 4

Its name proves its history. “Setenil” is though to come from the Latin phrase “septem nihil” translated “seven times nothing”. It is believed that Catholics have had 7 attempts of reclaiming the city under the medieval Arabians’ dominance at that time. The victory was celebrated widely not only because of the number of times tried, but because of its strategic importance, as well, later on becoming a source of legends.

Setenil de las Bodegas, Spain 3

Amazing, right?! 

These are what we consider to be some of the most amazing and unique cities in the world. It’s extraordinary when you get to express your personality and beliefs in the place that you live in!

Have you been to or heard of any other cities just as amazing or even more awesome? More, if you were to build you own perfect town, what would it be like? Come on, don’t be shy, speak out!

Be sure to leave us a comment below! We’re having all the fun right there!

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