Mysterious Jelly Spheres Found in Arizona Desert

Bizarre Purple Jelly Spheres Possible “Alien Eggs” In Arizona Desert?

The Arizona is full of surprises as mysterious jelly spheres were found in tis desert. Geradine Vargas and her husband were enjoying a Sunday walk when they stumbled upon these purple little spheres with jelly-like consistency. what are they and why are they in the desert? Let’s find out.

Mysterious purple spheres desert 1

While they were enjoying their walk through the Arizona while they noticed the sparkling purple spheres in the middle of the desert. The bizarre spheres appeared to be watery, shiny and some were even translucent.
The gooey marbles ooze out a liquid when squished, and their mobility is quite impressive.

Mysterious purple spheres desert 2

But what are the Purple Jeppy Spheres found In the Arizona Desert?

Mysterious purple spheres desert 3

For the moment, no one can say for sure what these mysterious spheres are, but theories range from “alien eggs” to a weird fungi.

Mysterious purple spheres desert 4

Darlene Buhrow currently occupies the position of director of marketing at the Tucson Botanical Gardens, and her husband is a botanist. When asked about these odd spheres, he declared that they could be some sort of slime mold or jelly fungus. But he was not able to confirm his theory without actually seeing the purple spheres.

Mysterious purple spheres desert 5

Other people who have viewed the pictures and video say that the spheres look a lot like the Deco Beads, amazing small little polymer water absorbing beads used for watering plants or in decorative purposes. But in the pictures, we’re talking about thousands of such beads… so it’s highly unlikely that these are incriminated.

Mysterious purple spheres desert 6

What do you think these mysterious purple spheres found in the Arizona desert are?

See them in the :

And here are the Deco Beads. See any Similarities?

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